Fans Of Sweet Baby Ray's Hot Sauce Won't Want To Miss This Amazing Kroger Deal

Here's the thing: all hot sauces are not created equal. As for the best of them, we've got Valentina Salsa Picante for those who want a fresh taste of Mexico (Guadalajara, to be exact), Crystal for the New Orleanians, and Frank's RedHot Sauce for anyone who wants to stick to the basics. Lower down on the podium we've got Siracha, Tabasco, and Louisana, each of which suffers from one of the following: too much sugar, too much salt, or too little flavor.

But if there's one thing that has the potential to even the hot sauce playing field, it's the price you pay for it. Most standard-sized hot sauce bottles ring in at around $3 to $4, which sounds pretty minimal to those of us who only like a dash of hot sauce on our tacos here and there. But for anyone who struts around with hot sauce in their bag Beyoncé-style, the cost of maintaining your hot sauce collection can certainly add up. And for those people, we've found a sweet (yet temporary) solution.

Get a free hot sauce from everyone's favorite barbecue brand

We found a Kroger coupon, courtesy of Kroger Krazy, for a free bottle of Sweet Baby Ray's hot sauce, normally $3.29, through July 10th (via Krazy Koupon Lady). That's right, all you hot sauce aficionados can head to Kroger to claim a bottle of Sweet Baby Ray's spicy, tangy hot sauce, completely gratis.

When it comes to Sweet Baby Ray's, we're really only experts on their barbecue sauce. But hey, the brand has been around since the '80s, and boasts over 20 sauce flavors, including Jamaican Jerk Wing Sauce and Korean Barbecue & Wing Sauce, so we're going to guess that their hot sauce checks most (if not all) of the necessary hot sauce boxes.

We'll be honest: for a whopping savings of $3.29, anyone who's already settled on a preferred hot sauce brand can probably keep moving. But if you're looking to try something new, why not try it for free? Not to mention, any Sweet Baby Ray's hot sauce-lovers (we know you're out there, somewhere) are going to want to jump on this deal while they can. So congratulations to all our Sweet Baby Ray's enthusiasts, your day just got a lot spicier (and a tad more affordable). Now go spend that $3.29 on an ice-cream cone to ease the heat.