This Swedish Start-Up Will Hypnotize You Into Plant-Based Eating For Free

Eating healthy has always been a concern for folks. A very early diet book, "Letter of Corpulence," was published in 1864. It was written by an overweight undertaker named William Banting, according to The Conversation. In it, Banting revealed how by switching things like sugar and carbohydrates for more things like animal proteins and vegetables could be attributed to the success he experienced. 

Since then (and probably before Banting's claim to fame), watching what you eat has become synonymous with living a healthy lifestyle. Nowadays, eating well has taken on a new look in the form of flexitarianism, vegetarianism, and veganism. Sentient Media notes that between 2004 and 2019, there was a 300% increase in the number of people choosing to eat vegan (roughly about 10 million Americans). The publication also noted that there was a decrease in folks who thought of themselves as meat eaters, a number that Swedish start-up The Raging Pig Company is hoping to further increase.

The Raging Pig Company is getting folks to eat a plant-based diet with the Get Off Meat hypnosis podcast

Struggling with fully switching over to a plant-based lifestyle? The Takeout reports that The Raging Pig Company is looking to help out by hypnotizing people into no longer wanting to eat meat. According to the publication, the Swedish start-up is looking to remove the "disease" of eating meat. 

So, what do you have to do to fully get on the plant-based wagon? The Takeout cites that there are three 20-minute sessions of hypnotherapy, called the "Get Off Meat" podcast, that can be listened to through Spotify and Apple Podcasts for free. Plant Based News explains how listeners will enter "an altered state of awareness" to help them along on their journey of enjoying a meat-free, plant-based lifestyle. The publication cites that the start-up used techniques that have helped those who have experiences with trauma and addiction. The Raging Pig Company explains that the hypnosis program helps reset the brain and recover from "meateatism disease."