Has Tom Brady Really Never Eaten At Subway?

Tom Brady's dietary restrictions are almost as famous as the man himself. The star quarterback, formerly of the New England Patriots and now of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, adheres to a strict diet known as the TB12 diet, which is a plant-based, high-protein, gluten-free plan that is meant to reduce inflammation and improve athletic performance. This means that not only are most meats, chips, desserts, and other fatty, sugary, and overly-processed foods off the table, he also avoids potentially "inflammatory" fruits and vegetables like nightshades, including tomatoes, eggplants, potatoes, and bell peppers, according to Very Well Fit. Instead, he focuses on eating lots of organic, nutrient-dense, and anti-inflammatory foods, as well as drinking lots of water.

Brady's commitment to good health makes sense. After all, you don't keep winning Super Bowls at the age of 43 by not taking good care of your body. But the recent announcement that Brady has launched a deal to become the new spokesperson for Subway has some people wondering: Has the football superstar ever even eaten a Subway sandwich in his life?

Tom Brady ate Subway sandwiches when he was in college

Although Subway is often considered a "healthier" fast food alternative than classic chains like Taco Bell or McDonald's, their sandwiches can still pack a significant caloric punch. Their foot-long Meatball Marinara, Spicy Italian, and Tuna sandwiches all contain close to 1,000 calories, while the 12-inch version of their meat-heavy Chicken & Bacon Ranch Melt contains 1,140 calories, 56 grams of fat, and over 2000 mg of sodium, according to Subway.

According to The Pewter Plank, Brady has likely never actually set foot inside a Subway restaurant, which would make him a somewhat unlikely candidate for the brand's spokesperson, although it certainly makes sense, given his particular nutritional requirements. However, WFLA Sports reported that Brady has previously admitted to enjoying a Subway meatball sub every once in a while back when he was in college. But while he may have stopped in a few times when he was younger, it is doubtful that any fast food chain is a substantial part of Brady's strict diet regime today. Still, thanks to this new partnership, Brady may one day end up having to take at least a bite or two of a Subway foot-long — but he'll probably hold the tomatoes.