Paula Deen Shares Her Ultimate Burger Hack - Exclusive

There are few foods as beloved by the masses as a juicy burger. It's not hard to see why. There are countless ways to do them up, from classic diner-style to decked-out, double-stacked gourmet burgers. Not to mention, the topping options are endless. Some go for the classic lettuce and tomato combo, while others insist on bacon, avocado, or even an egg — and sometimes all of the above. Put simply, burgers are for everyone. 

If you're a meat-eater, there's a good chance you've got a favorite burger that's already come to mind as you're reading this. But here's the thing — we're willing to bet Paula Deen probably does it better. The Southern home cook and TV personality is well known for taking things over the top in the kitchen, and her burgers are no exception. Deen spoke exclusively with Mashed and shared her ultimate hack for making burgers. It's one she's been using for years, and it just might blow your mind. And yes, it involves butter.

Paula Deen says your burgers need butter

If you want a better burger, Paula Deen says you need to add butter. And honestly, what could be better? She told Mashed exactly how she makes butter burgers, as she calls them, and it's as simple as it is delicious. "I put butter in the freezer and then I take it out and I slice it into chunks and I mix it in with my ground beef or whatever meat I'm doing for my burgers," Deen explained. "When you put them on the grill, that butter melts through those burgers and it's so good," she said, which sounds like the understatement of the year, if you ask us.

Deen mentioned that she's been making burgers this way for at least 15 years for her loved ones. She explained, "We would do birthdays of family and friends one Sunday a month ... I decided I wanted to cook burgers ... but I want to make them a little bit special." In true Paula Deen fashion, the obvious answer was to "chop up some butter and put it in." And while you can't show up at Deen's next family gathering in hopes of chowing down on one of these heavenly butter burgers, you can grab the recipe from her website and whip them up yourself at home (via Paula Deen). And if you don't feel like sharing, well, we can't blame you. 

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