Burger King May Have Just Leaked A Spicy New Menu Item

It all started with a July 2 Tweet from account @Emmaobei: "I was looking at Burger King's website and I saw a 'spicy as fire whopper' ... and then I asked the guy at the drive-thru if they had it and it literally DISAPPEARED off the website." ChewBoom stumbled upon that particular Tweet and blasted the word out in an article conjecturing about this new mystery menu item that was supposedly leaked.

ChewBoom's story linked back to the original Tweet but also added a new twist: On July 6, David P. (@stunner8_1) had Tweeted directly at Burger King about the issue: "You guys advertise the spicy as fire whopper on your website and none of the BK's near me have it. What's up with that? Can a guy get a spicy whopper or what??" In his post, David P. didn't mention how he had heard about the spicy new menu item that might be — or soon might be — available at Burger King. But then something amazing happened.

It's possible that Burger King revealed the truth to one particular Twitter user

With all the hullabaloo over whether Burger King is actually launching this spicy new menu item, the purported "Spicy as Fire Whopper Single," you'd think the company would make some kind of statement. While it might have been viewed as nothing more than a "misunderstanding" — albeit one that has fans of Wendy's long-gone cheddar and jalapeño burger feeling cautiously hopeful (per Twitter) — it's been quite the cliffhanger.

Upon further investigation, it just so happens that Burger King saw fit to reply to one of the Twitter queries with an invitation to communicate privately via DM. And so the plot thickens, except for the fact that ever since the restaurant chain requested a private audience with Twitter poster David P., the latter has not blasted out a single word on the topic. The secrecy only makes this burger more desirable, and it will be well worth the wait if we ever get our hands on it. Stay tuned for the latest breaking burger news.