This Korean McDonald's Iced Coffee Hack Will Revolutionize Your Summer

Need something refreshing and different for the summer? All you need to make this a reality are two things: coffee and ice cream from McDonald's. According to the Taste of Home, foodies and coffee aficionados are currently raving about a Korean trend that has caught their eye. There's even a term for it: Meet the McBasset, a delicious serving of coffee with ice cream from McDonald's. 

Not sure what's going on? No need to fret! It's really easy to get your hands on the McBasset once you head to your nearest McDonald's outlet. As a TikTok user recommends, get yourself a regular iced black coffee and ask for a vanilla soft serve ice cream as well. And hey, you'll want to ensure that you've had a bit of coffee before you perform the ultimate trick to convert your regular coffee into a drink that's heavenly and simply delicious. You don't want anything to spill over, after all.

It's getting a lot of attention

As described by Taste of Home, you simply need to dunk your ice cream cone into your coffee and mix it up a bit for unexpected results. You'll definitely end up enjoying a creamy, sweeter version of the coffee that you're used to drinking thanks to the goodness of vanilla ice cream.

This may seem like a random trick, but really, it's not. Its roots can be traced to South Korea where a coffee shop called Paul Basset makes incredibly tasty ice cream lattes. While for many of us it's not really practical to head to South Korea at the moment, it's fairly easy to recreate the Bassett latte. All you need can be found at your local McDonald's.

This trend is already picking up speed. An Instagram user shared their version of the drink and wrote, "...The soft serve adds a nice creamy texture to the coffee and also sweetens it with vanilla too. And if you let the ice cream melt a bit, like I did ... it tastes even better."