The Surprising Tool You Can Use To Make Bad Beer Taste Better

Can beer and wine go bad? Many are content with leaving their preferred spirits and cocktails on the bar cart as they slowly make their way through them. But just how long is too long when it comes to the quality and taste of opened liquor? According to Healthline, alcohol doesn't expire to the point where you may need to visit the hospital after consumption. However, it does start to lose its flavor about a year after it's opened. Similarly, beer usually loses carbonation and goes flat, which can upset your stomach. Additionally, spoiled wine turns to vinegar over time. Although not particularly harmful, it definitely won't satisfy your libation cravings either.

The Kitchn backs these stats up, noting that the key to extending the shelf life of beer, wine, and certain alcohol is to make sure that they're properly sealed. At this point, you might be wondering how you can slow down the inevitable and revive the taste of your opened liquor. Well, the solution lies right in your kitchen.

Get a better brew and beer flavor with this device

As it turns out, the difference between a flat, stale beer versus a fresh, fizzy one can be solved with one common household appliance: the French press. Yes, even after your alcohol is opened. According to Serious Eats, an infusion device was created in 2002 by Maryland bar and restaurant Dogfish Head Alehouse called "Randall The Enamel Animal," As weird as the name is, it actually worked to add flavor to craft beer by pressing and infusing different flavors with its two chambers to liven up the taste of beer and bring the foam to the top. Your handy French press works in the same way. In addition to your French press, if you've got different fruits, herbs, or spices lying around the kitchen, you can experiment with different infusions to balance any bitterness or lost carbonation in your beer. 

Wonder How To is also a fan of adding different flavors, touting infused beer in a food hacks blog post. So the next time your alcohol sits out too long and takes a turn for the worse, just turn to your French press to enjoy your favorite brews and beverages.