Aldi Fans Are Loving These Summer Iced Latte Blends

'Tis the season for a nice, cold latte. While coffee is delicious hot or cool, there's nothing quite like enjoying a refreshing iced brew on a hot summer morning. That is, unless that brew also happens to be one of Aldi's new special summer iced latte blends. They come in a collection of delicious seasonal blends, including raspberry mocha, salted caramel, and toasted coconut, and from the sound of it, each one is a hit with shoppers. Made with a blend of coffee, milk, and natural flavoring, these Barissimo coffee beverages deliver your caffeine fix with a bit of sweetness, with no prepping or brewing required. Aldi shoppers couldn't stop raving about these flavored lattes, and more than one excited fan posted about the special find online. 

The popular Instagram account @adventuresinaldi posted: "I love the new packaging on these iced lattes! They all sound delicious too! Have you tried them yet?!...Which flavors are you grabbing??" while Instagram user @aldiforpresident asked their followers "Don't these flavors sound delicious?!"

Aldi shoppers posted rave reviews of these flavored iced lattes

From the looks of the replies, their followers certainly agreed, and many couldn't wait to get their hands on all the delicious latte varieties. Instagram user @creativecarmen61 raved: "We picked up the iced lattes, they were delicious!!" Follower @aldisisters chimed in with their clear favorite, posting: "Toasted coconut!!! Their toasted coconut ground coffee is my absolute favorite coffee!" Others said they were eagerly awaiting trying one of the other flavors, like @charmedbyaldi, who wrote: "Raspberry sounds good to me," and @chadthefab, who agreed: "I'd love to get the raspberry one for sure. They all sound good." While people might have their own personal favorites, it certainly doesn't seem like there is a bad flavor in the bunch.

These specialty latte blends are available in Aldi's special finds section for just $1.89 per bottle. And for under two bucks a pop, you don't have to feel bad grabbing one of each delectable flavor — because with reviews like these, you'll definitely want to try them all.