The Bizarre Foot-Shaped '80s Ice Cream You Forgot About

While the US is deep in its '90s renaissance (scrunchies, bucket hats, a revamped obsession with Hot Pockets and Pop-Tarts), it appears that across the pond, the British are having their own nostalgic moment for goods from the '80s. While we're over here strapping fanny packs to our hips and air-frying deliciously bad-for-you prepackaged foods, the UK is bringing back a different sort of nostalgic feet — ahem, treat.

According to Delish UK, grocery chain Iceland Foods has exclusively started selling Wall's Funny Feet ice cream bars, just in time for summer. If you haven't heard of Funny Feet, fear not — the foot-shaped ice cream bar was mostly a thing overseas. But if you were around in the '80s and maybe made a trip or two to England, you might remember these sweet, creamy bars.

Funny Feet are made from strawberry-flavored ice cream, molded into the shape of a foot and stuck on a wooden popsicle stick. They're a classic ice cream truck treat — and no, we know what you're thinking, they don't taste like feet.

Nostalgia tastes so sweet

Iceland Foods has officially brought Funny Feet back in style, so the British Gen Zers can finally get a taste of all the glorious, sugary treats they were born too late to experience. And anyone in the UK that does remember Funny Feet can now experience this strawberry blast from the past once again.

If you don't live in the UK, well, it's tough luck to get your hands on these feet. But there are plenty of great food-related reasons to travel there (bangers and mash, fish and chips, the full English breakfast — we could go on forever), and now it looks like old-school ice cream is another one of them.

Along with Funny Feet, Iceland Foods is bringing back a number of other nostalgic goodies, including Wham Bars, Foam Bananas, and Dib Dab Lollies (could this sound any more British?). Honestly, we all might have to fly there just to try this stuff. And when we do go, let's make sure to tuck those passports safely into our fanny packs and bring a box of Pop-Tarts for the road.