Why 7-Eleven Is Sending A Slurpee Into Space

In the not-so-distant future, 7-Eleven will be sending its signature Slurpee to a galaxy far, far away. Apparently, the beloved convenience store first launched its delicious frozen drink in 1966, according to a press statement. And to celebrate the 94th birthday of Slurpees, 7-Eleven has commissioned a private flight to space for its icy drink, as well as a limited number of commemorative cups. Naturally, some fans will be lucky enough to get their hands on one of the well-traveled cups.

"We're celebrating all things summer, Slurpee drinks and skateboarding during Brainfreeze SZN at 7-Eleven," said Senior Vice President of 7-Eleven, Marissa Jarratt. "In the spirit of Taking it to Eleven for our birthday month, we're delivering our beloved Slurpee to space and bringing our customers along for the journey." The flavor that's getting launched into space will be customers' favorite flavor based on the number of the winning kind of Slurpees ordered online and in the app through the end of July. While Coca-Cola and Cherry might be two of the most classic flavors, who knows which one will actually make the trek to outer space. So, mega fans of the drink should start slurping them often through the end of the month.

Some can win a cup, but everyone can get great deals

Though the exact number isn't known, there will only be a very few of the commemorative Slurpee cups that have traveled to space available for the giveaway. To get your hands on one, you'll need to enter yourself for a chance to win by ordering 7-Eleven delivery through the end of July. Every delivery order you place will gain you another entry, so the more orders you place the more chances you have to win.

Even if you don't win, you can still enjoy the festivities and other deals. The Slurpee launch will take place from a store in Michigan, since that's the state that consumes the most Slurpee drinks, according to the press statement. If you are nearby, you can even watch the launch and take a photo with the mural that will be commissioned at the store location. Otherwise, you can take advantage of 7-Eleven's low prices like $1 grill items, or 16 boneless wings for $10. Of course you can get a small Slurpee for just $1 too. So place your orders now and stay cool this month with a Slurpee.