This Viral Burger King Sign May Have Gotten An Employee Fired

A local Burger King in Lincoln, Nebraska has made national news after images of its restaurant sign, featuring the words "We all quit. Sorry for the inconvenience" went viral last week. Keeping with the trend of growing frustration among restaurant industry employees in recent months, it appears that employees of this Burger King branch were so fed up with their jobs that they all not only decided to quit, but to make a public show of it as well. 

"They wanted to put up a sign to say, you know sorry there's really not going to be anyone here. Just kind of a laugh to upper management. That got put up yesterday before we opened, and I didn't think anybody was going to notice it, because we did just one sign and then it went pretty crazy on Facebook. I got a call from my upper management and they told me I needed to take it down," former general manager Rachael Flores, who put in her two weeks notice at the Lincoln branch, explained to ABC 8.

The Burger King employees posted the sign due to poor working conditions

Rachael Flores had been employed as the general manager since January, but told the news station she was increasingly frustrated by the dismal working conditions, understaffed kitchen, long hours, and lack of support from upper management. She explained that she and her staff would often be working 50 plus hours per week, in 90-degree kitchens with no air conditioning, according to Fox News. After she finally decided to quit her Burger King, eight of her coworkers followed suit, putting in their notice as well.

While the sign may have been intended as a joke, it went viral after photographs of the sign were posted to Facebook and other social media sites, where it resonated with many people. "Good for them. Don't create unsafe working environments and maybe your employees won't leave," @bcoate42 responded on Twitter, while another user called for the chain to "Pay them a living wage!!!" "ALRIGHT!!! Way to go!! All of you employees did the right thing," another Twitter user cheered. Burger King did not respond to the sign, but Kiro 7 has reported that Flores' boss fired her the same day that it made trending news. However, seeing as how she had already quit, we can't imagine that Flores was too distraught over being "fired." The Burger King location remains open.

Perhaps the Burger King employees got the idea from disgruntled McDonald's employees in California, who also recently went viral for leaving a mass resignation note on the restaurant's door.