The Food Gordon Ramsay Spit Out On 'Uncharted'

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay isn't exactly a low-key star. He can be pretty brutal in his television appearances. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Australian lawmakers were once so scandalized by Ramsay's demeanor on-screen that they considered changing their broadcasting rules in 2008 due to his behavior in front of the camera. Ramsay defended himself, of course, and said all his shows were real. (By the way, Ramsay is also known for disliking a lot of food items openly on television.)

According to Reality TV Revisited, he has even thrown up occasionally after sampling dishes on "Kitchen Nightmares" and hoped that he would not end up with food poisoning.

Well, Ramsay is back on television with his new series for National Geographic, "Uncharted," where he gives his viewers access to some of the most unique food items in the world. Per People, in one of the episodes, the chef tried something in Iceland that he then spat out immediately. He was mostly polite about it, though. So what was the food?

Gordon Ramsay spat out this fermented seafood

Per People, Gordon Ramsay was in Iceland when he was offered fermented shark. He was wary from the beginning and said, "I'm in Northwest Iceland sampling a pungent slice of fermented shark that I'm not convinced is meant to be eaten." However, he decided to give it a shot and tried the dish — but he spat it out pretty quickly.

When asked what it was like to taste the rare item, he said, "My nose got all fizzy." People around him tried to encourage him to eat a tinier piece, but Ramsay was pretty firm about it and shot back, "No, no don't."

He added that his tastebuds simply didn't warm up to fermented shark. Ramsay was even told that the food item is really good for one's health, but he remained unconvinced. Ramsay said, "But that's not about you, that's just my taste." Well, Ramsay probably won't be raving about this dish anytime soon, eh?