Panda Express Has Exciting News For Vegan Fans

Fast food chains tend to be ideal places if you're a carnivore, as meat is the main attraction at almost all of them. Now, if you're a vegetarian, you're probably familiar with being flexible and adapting to find something if you're grabbing a quick meal with friends or find yourself in a pinch. But if you're vegan, fast food is typically a no-go zone due to the lack of menu items that don't have any animal products. Why bother if there's really nothing on the menu to choose from?

But there's good news, especially if you like big plates of American-style Chinese fast food. Panda Express is partnering up with Beyond Meat, a company dedicated to creating plant-based meat alternatives, to offer customers a vegan option, according to Food Beast. If you previously enjoyed Panda Express before becoming a vegan, are trying to eat less meat, or are simply curious about just how well this plant-based meat stands up to classic Orange Chicken, you'll get a chance to try it at the end of July.

When and where can I try the Panda Express vegan option?

For a limited time, Panda Express will be launching their vegan version of Orange Chicken using plant-based meat, according to Food Beast. This was a partnership between both companies since Panda Express used their traditional Orange Sauce while Beyond Meat offered their plant-based chicken to create this vegan dish.

The release is happening on July 26 and will be in specific locations in the state of New York and in Southern California. There's no date set for expanding across the United States as the company will want to see the reactions of customers and if it proves to be a popular menu item.

If you don't live in these areas and you're craving Panda Express without the animal products, Veggl recommends that you opt for the chain's Eggplant Tofu entree paired with sides like chow mein, steamed rice, "Super Greens," or vegetable spring rolls.