AC/DC Fans Need To Know About This Upcoming Beer Collab

For those about to rock, we salute you — with this new AC/DC beer collaboration. 

That's right. Fans of the rock and rollers can get ready to sip along with their favorite band, as KnuckleBonz and Calicraft Brewing Company announce plans to launch a new music branded beverage line. The officially licensed beers are aptly named AC/DC PWR UP Juicy IPA and AC/DC TNT Double IPA. 

"We are beyond excited to be collaborating with Calicraft on a new line of craft beers for music superfans," says Tony Simerman, CEO of KnuckleBonz, Inc. "There's not a better band than AC/DC to kick this off," he adds, hinting at more music-minded collaborations to come.

Adds Blaine Landberg, CEO of Calicraft Beverage Co.,"Over the years, we've always stood for collaborations that go beyond beer. We value community and the arts ... Our collaboration is inspired by the band and is designed to be paired with their music. Great music and great beer — there is no better pairing!"

And, these aren't just any beers. They will be sold in 16-ounce, collectors edition cans through the Reyes Distribution network with a retail presence coming to stores like Raley's and Whole Foods.

What will the beers taste like?

According to Calicraft and KnuckleBonz, the companies were both extra enthusiastic to create a craft beer that crosses the line from food and beverage into the arts, and speaks to music enthusiasts. And the drink is meant to be the main headlining attraction, developed to taste as good on the inside as the cans look on the outside. 

The AC/DC PWR UP Juicy IPA (6.66%) is a modern take on the hazy IPA. A blend of Australian Galaxy Hops and American Citra Hops, this fruit-forward blend of passionfruit and peaches was inspired by the band's latest album. The second brew, the AC/DC TNT Double IPA (8.2%), is all about the classic flavors — and the band's classic hits. Grapefruit, sweet mango, and fresh pine are the dominant flavors found in this sipper. 

Watch for the official launch, slated for mid-September 2021. Online ordering will be available as individual states allow, and retail outlets in California and Arizona will begin stocking the beer in several retail outlets.