Why Subway's New Commercial Narrator Sounds So Familiar

Whether the bread is actually straight out of the oven or not, Subway has a long history with the word "fresh" — and the famous sub chain is officially bringing that sentiment to its marketing with an all-new rebrand intended to rival even the top fast food competitors.

The company announced a new advertising campaign called "Eat Fresh Refresh," and get prepared because you're going to see it everywhere. Just like its infamous $5 footlong moment (admit it — you're now singing along to the classic tune in your head), Subway is intending for their new commercials to go viral. 

A spokesperson for the brand said the new rollout is "the first never-ending TV spot," thanks to a bounty of short-form digital content paired with a clever use of social media — along with the help of some fan-favorite sports stars. The roster for the campaign features some famous faces, but the overall narrator may have viewers scratching their heads asking just who the familiar voice might belong to (via Fox Business).

Subway is turning to sports in a new marketing move

Avid basketball fans may guess the new spokesperson on the very first listen since the new voice of the brand is none other than the legendary NBA All-Star Charles Barkley. The former NBA player turned basketball analyst is one of the most well-known voices in sports, and now he's taking his expertise past the sidelines to the main event with one of the biggest media campaigns in recent years.

This isn't Barkley's first rodeo in voiceover work, and it's certainly not his first spokesperson contract — ironically enough, the former basketball player also led a campaign for Weight Watchers for men back in 2012 (via Bleacher Report). From diets to fast food? Can't say we blame Barkley on that one!

And while Subway picked Barkley as their new narrator thanks to his "humor and familiar tone," QSR reports that he won't be the only sports Hall of Famer behind the brand's refresh. Barkley introduces some new products and jokingly references his co-stars, like in this advertisement dubbed "We Don't Have Time For Tom" (seen on YouTube) — as in, the one and only NFL MVP Tom Brady. Tennis champ Serena Williams and world-renowned soccer player Megan Rapinoe are also on deck to be featured faces in the ongoing campaign.