Costco Fans Are Intrigued By These Popping Boba Bubble Tea Cups

Bubble Tea was relatively unheard of in the United States until the 1990s. According to Food & Wine, an influx of immigrants brought the craze over the United States from Taiwan, where boba tea culture originated in the 1980s. After Taiwanese immigrants like Bin Chen moved to the U.S. and began opening a series of boba tea shops, like Chen's successful chain Boba Guys, the drink took off. Ever since then, the unique beverage, made with milky tea and chewy balls of tapioca that give the tea its distinct texture, has become a popular drink in America as well, and you can find multiple bubble tea locations in most U.S. cities.

Now, Costco has decided to capitalize on the tea's continued popularity by releasing boxes of bubble tea that you can drink at home. The wholesale store has added boxes of Joyba, a popping bubble tea beverage made by Del Monte, to its shelves, so customers can now stock up on their favorite fun boba beverage.

Joyba Bubble Tea cups were a hit online

Now, even if you don't happen to live near a bubble tea location, you can still enjoy the fun and flavor of a delicious cup of bubble tea from the comfort of your own kitchen. Joyba delivers all the playful sweetness of a regular cup of bubble tea on the go. It even comes with its own straw attached, so you can enjoy it anywhere. Each box comes in two refreshing flavors, Mango Passion Fruit Green Tea and Strawberry Lemonade Green Tea.

Instagram user @costcohotfinds was so excited to see the popping bubble tea cups at their local Costo that they made a post altering their followers to the new find. Many of their followers were equally excited to see the new product. "I hope I can find these at mine!!" @freckles.n.flora wrote. "I need these!!!" @cruz.n.lowcarb agreed. @thedollgangxo expressed their enthusiasm with an "omg yasss." The best part is, you can enjoy this tea for a steal for just $13.99 per box of 8 12-ounce cups (via Instagram). So the next time you head to your local Costco, be sure to keep an eye out for these tasty and refreshing popping boba teas.