The One Food Barack Obama Can't Say No To

We all know the importance of maintaining a healthy and well-balanced diet, but even those with extraordinary willpower have a few treats that they just cannot seem to say no to. For some, it's a heaping plate of pasta that makes their eyes light up, while others can't resist an ice cream cone whether the temperatures outside warrant one or not. Regardless of what it is that you consider your guilty pleasure, we all know the familiar feeling of delight we get upon seeing it being served, making it hard to avoid treating ourselves to at least one bite.

Food vices don't evade anyone, either. Take Barack Obama, for example. Despite doing his best to keep his food choices relatively healthy, he still likes to indulge in a few treats every now and then. The former President of the United States loves a good bowl of chili and, when it comes to sweets, Culture Trip reports that he prefers to get his fix with a box of milk chocolate salted caramels from Fran's Chocolates in Seattle. And if there happens to be a platter of tortilla chips and guacamole anywhere near the ex-commander-in-chief, well, let's just say that it won't be long before he gobbles them down.

Barack Obama can't resist chips with guacamole

That's right, folks. Just like many of us, Barack Obama is a major nacho enthusiast, but we are not talking about the towering platter of chips, beef, and cheese that you munch on at your favorite sports bar. No, it appears that the former president likes his nachos in their simplest form: plain tortilla chips with a hefty side of guacamole, which he once claimed he loses his mind around (via The Washington Post). "That's one of those things that I have to have taken away," the former president explained to Jerry Seinfeld about his affinity for the snack during an episode of "Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee" (via CNN). "I'll have guacamole coming out of my eyeballs," he added.

Obama does not play around with his dip of choice either. Back in 2015, the former POTUS famously took to Twitter to comment on a guacamole recipe curated by cookbook author and New York Times columnist Melissa Clark that called for a unique ingredient: peas (via Eater). You might be intrigued by Clark's interesting additive to the avocado-based dip, but Obama was not exactly a fan. "Respect the NYT, but not buying peas in guac," he tweeted before sharing his preferred method of preparation. "Onions, hot peppers, garlic. Classic."