What A Huge Menu Probably Says About A Restaurant

We can all probably think of at least one restaurant the presents us with a menu that's nearly the same length as a children's book — perhaps one that rhymes with Schmeesecake Schmactory? Thumbing through the seemingly endless pages of drinks, appetizers, entrees, and desserts, your eyes land on several potential options that all sound delicious based on their descriptions. Finally, you are able to decide what you are going to be ordering for the night, with the added bonus of having more than a few ideas for your next visit to the eatery, as well.

Having a plethora of dishes to choose from can be nice on the nights you are feeling a bit indecisive, and that's especially helpful when you are dining out with a large group of people that all have different tastes. However, it turns out that a kitchen that can crank out such a wide variety of foods can actually be an indication that your dining experience won't be as great as it may seem. After all, being able to order a bacon cheeseburger while other people at your table order shrimp scampi or pancakes does seem a tad bit odd when you think about it, doesn't it?

All those menu options can be a sign that your food isn't fresh

They say variety is the spice of life, but in terms of the offerings at a restaurant, a huge and diverse selection may be too good to be true. In a Reddit thread asking chefs to point out red flags that people need to look for when dining out, many dubbed a massive menu as a clear indication that you probably won't be getting the best food possible. "The longer the menu, the better the odds that you're paying to eat a boiled bag frozen meal," user fancyfrenchtoilet said, while another pointed out that a restaurant with several entrees might, in fact, be "the exact same entree rebranded as a different dish based on sauce." A third Redditor, Cambionr, also noted that places with long menus will often prep the different components of an entree ahead of time and simply put the dish together and microwave it once it's ordered.

Overall, the respondents to the Reddit thread agreed that a shorter menu was not only a sign that your food will be fresher, but will also taste better because the chefs have been able to become "specialists" and "can usually nail the dishes listed," as user fancyfrenchtoilet explained. We can all appreciate being able to get out of the kitchen for the night, so when you do choose to dine out, make sure to avoid this red flag if you want to ensure you are getting the best meal possible.