What You Need To Know About Walmart's New $10 Wines

You might be familiar with Trader Joe's Two-Buck Chuck, but did you know Walmart also has its own affordable wine label? That's right! Walmart's Winemakers Selection label launched in 2018, bringing 10 varietals of premium, high-quality wines from France, Italy, and California to their customers for just $10 to $15 per bottle, according to Grocery Dive.

But now, coming off a year when people have been mostly cooped up and lots of travel plans have been canceled, the retailer realized many people are craving something a little more exotic. That's why the company just announced that it will be expanding its Winemakers Selection label with the release of the Winemakers Selection Reserve Series, which will allow customers to feel as though they are traveling around the world without leaving their home. 

This upscale new collection will feature five new premium wine varietals from some of the most prominent growing regions in the world, including an Argentinian Malbec, an Italian Pinot Grigio, a French Rosé, a Californian Cabernet Sauvignon, and a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, all for just $10 per bottle, according to Walmart.

Walmart has been focused on revamping its adult beverage line in recent years

This new release comes right on the heels of Walmart's Winemakers Selection Classic Series, which it released last year. The Classic Series promised to bring a core selection of Walmart's expansive adult beverage offerings to the forefront, with refreshed branding, a simpler label, and a more customer-friendly price, as well. The wines, which all "drink like a $30 to $40 bottle of wine," according to the company, have since been reduced to the very affordable price point of $5 per bottle. "This relaunch is all about our customers, simplifying the branding, making it clearer, making sure the items are what our customers are looking for, and then of course over-delivering on the quality of wine for the price," Jason Fremstad, vice president of adult beverage for Walmart, told Grocery Dive at the time.

Walmart's new Winemakers Selection Reserve Series, as well as the rest of their Winemakers Selection label's offerings, can be purchased at Walmart stores nationwide, as well as through Grocery Pickup and Delivery as state and local laws allow.