How Keystone Light Saved This Rancher's Life

Fifty-three-year-old Frank Reynolds is lucky to be alive. After a freak incident involving an ATV, the Wyoming rancher found himself stranded for two whole days without food. So how did he survive? Off Keystone Light, of course.

Speaking with Gillette News Record (via the New York Post), Reynolds recalled the rollover crash being "scary as hell." Helping out on a friend's farm, Reynolds somehow toppled over and crashed the ATV, dislocating his shoulder and breaking several ribs in the process. When no one came to his rescue as he was pinned under the vehicle, Reynolds went into survival mode, living off the bottled waters and beers he had in his ice chest. As hours went by, he began to lose more and more energy but was able to stay somewhat hydrated from the beer and water.

It wasn't until that following Tuesday, two days later, that Reynolds was located and transported to a hospital. One might even argue that had he not been able to reach those Keystone Light beers (and the water, let's be honest), perhaps he might not have made it.

Keystone Light's low ABV helped save the rancher

According to Healthline, one of the biggest risks of consuming alcohol is dehydration; however, in a study published in The Journal of Applied Physiology, it was proven that beers with low alcohol concentration can actually keep you hydrated to the same degree as water (via Glacier Design). The kicker is, a beer's ABV should be lower than 2% to keep you hydrated, which is nearly impossible to come by. The journal noted that beers with 4% ABV are just as effective but will take "longer to achieve the same results." Keystone Light has a 4.1% ABV, per Drizly. So in reality, Reynold's preferred brand might have actually helped him hydrate.

Not to mention, Keystone Light provides 101 calories per serving, 1 gram of sugar, and 4.7 carbs per serving, per Molson Coors. While that by no means makes for a filling meal, it seems it did provide enough nutrition to sustain Reynolds during the time he was trapped under the ATV.

The man who found Reynolds said he was "pretty much out of it." Call it luck, or the beer gods looking out for him, but Reynolds will luckily recover.