Why You Should Be Buying Pasta Sauce In Bulk

Spaghetti, fettuccine, ravioli, cavatappi, gnocchi, the list goes on and on for a strong case that a big warm bowl of pasta is one of life's simplest pleasures. Delicate noodles covered in savory sauce and topped with just the right amount of cheese can solve just about any problem, at least for a few minutes.

Pasta is also a pretty easy dish to make at home, and the ingredients don't take any specialty grocery stores to find, making it a fast and simple dinner or lunch option. It's no mystery why people keep different dried pastas in their pantry for a guaranteed delicious and convenient meal.

Yet, the next time you grab a shopping cart and stroll down the grocery aisles for your next Italian creation, consider stocking up on more than just the noodles themselves and purchase your pasta sauce in bulk, too. There's a pretty compelling reason to do this, and it has nothing to do with copious amounts of pasta — okay, maybe that's a reason, but it's not the only one.

Buying pasta sauce in bulk can save you money

The most straightforward motivation to buy pasta sauce in bulk is simple economics: The grocery store will usually offer you a discount. According to Delish, most stores will offer you a 10% discount just for buying by the case.

Be warned, though, if your plan is to buy a whole case, you may need to place your order with customer service, so they can bring it out from the back of the store. According to Via's Kitchen chef and owner Melissa Eboli, you could pick up 12 of your favorite items on the shelf and a discount will usually be applied at checkout. Either way, you'll likely get a sweet deal.

Since pasta sauce is nonperishable until it's opened, you don't have to worry about eating bowls and bowls of tomato-y noodles before the sauce expires. More than anything, it's a question of having the space to store the jars. But if you do, there's a lot of logical reasons to save some money and a few trips to the grocery store, too.