What Starbucks' Secret Menu Crystal Ball Frappuccino Really Tastes Like

Once upon a time, Starbucks was a mere coffee shop in Seattle hoping to make a name for itself. Now, the worldwide chain is known for its secret menus, coffee hacks, and constant stream of new drinks — both coffee-based and not. Case in point: the Crystal Ball Frappucino. 

According to Starbuck Stories, the Crystal Ball Frapp (as Starbucks lovers call them!) is a peach flavored, crème-based sipper that is mixed up with turquoise sparkles. The result is a stunning effect that can mesmerize pretty much anyone. And, that's not all. The drink is topped with a peach flavored whipped cream and then finished with candy gems in one of three colors — the result of which is unknown to the customer until the drink comes out. 

The green gem is meant to signify luck; the blue gem is supposed to foretell adventure; the purple candy gem is all about that magic.

What does it actually taste like?

While some Starbucks drinks are mostly traditional, others are a little too out-of-the-box for chain diehards who are just there for the coffee. Yet, this limited edition drink is said to be one of the ones that's worth going back to. Although this drink is peach forward (described by Spoon University as, "a legitimate peach covered in sugar in a liquid form"), it is also quite reminiscent of the vanilla bean frap. To avoid sipping the layers of flavors, make sure it's mixed well, so you get a little peach in each time. 

In addition to tasting good, the Crystal Ball Frappucino can also help with another thing — your Instagram feed. Per Popsugar, the colors pop against many backgrounds and, with portrait mode, can really make even the worst mobile photographer's pics look stellar. In fact, rumor has it that it tastes better and is more stunning than the Starbucks' Unicorn Frap, which was introduced in 2017.