The Great British Baking Show's Kim-Joy Is Releasing A Board Game. Here's What We Know

Avid fans of "The Great British Baking Show" likely remember Kim-Joy, a whimsical former contestant known for her use of bright colors and cute character creations. Joy had to have been among the most creative and imaginative contestants on the competitive baking show, and that momentum hasn't slowed since her season ended. According to her Instagram, she has published several baking cookbooks. But her latest achievement is just as lighthearted as you would expect from the baker.

She announced in an Instagram post that she now has her own baking card game that's just as adorable as her real bakes. The Magic Bakery card game, which is available for preorder, with the first 250 orders also getting a pin, is a "cooperative baking card game." Kim-Joy captioned her post: "I've been working on this magical co-operative card game for ages, along with the amazing team at @skyboundtabletop — since we by chance met at San Diego comic con back in 2019. You may know that me and @nabiltravels met through playing boardgames together, and I've always loved how both baking and games bring people together in similar ways."

This is how you can get your own deck

In an Instagram post, Kim-Joy explained, "So since 2019 I've been working with @skyboundtabletop on getting the bakes just right, the right puns in there, and making sure it's accessible so everyone can play and learn the rules quickly. I wanted the overall vibe of being in a magic bakery set in a forest, where all the customers are various animals wanting millefeuille, raspberry pavlova, macarons, etc! And you got to work together to bake their order otherwise they might go away! And there's that bit of fun chaos as there are different scenarios where for example, a cat sits on your cards and get[s] in the way of your baking, or the mice switch the labels!"

As much hard work as Kim-Joy has put into the new card game, fans of her will love that the same sense of style and design is carried over into the game so thoughtfully. According to Board Game Geek, the cards include ingredient cards, baking cards to combine the ingredients, and cards of the finished product. Overall, there are 10 baking scenarios that get harder as the game progresses for players to work through. The ultimate goal is to get through as many bakes as possible before the day ends and customers leave the magical forest bakery. The game is available for pre-order through Sky Bound and costs $20.