The Best Dish Antonia Lofaso Ever Ate On Iron Chef

"Iron Chef" has been known as one of the premiere cooking competition shows on television. The show originated in Japan, as Cooking Channel TV notes, before making its way to other countries, including America, where some of the country's most talented chefs compete against a famous and renowned Iron Chef in each episode, utilizing secret ingredients, to see if they've honed their skills enough and have what it takes to stack up against these pros. 

Over the years, there have been some great dishes. Chef Simon Majumdar assembled his Top Ten from "Iron Chef: Redemption," a list which, as he noted on Food Network, includes Chef Guarnaschelli's Lobster on the Beach, Chef Mehta's Falafel, Chef Greenspan's Critter Fritters, and Chefs Freitag's and Appleman's Elvis dessert with "bacon, bananas and peanuts." But Chef Antonia Lofaso, who also knows a thing or two about food, thinks there is another dish that stands out above the others.

Anything but the basics

Her experiences haven't all been rosy, of course. There was a traumatic egg incident that Chef Antonia Lofaso recounted to Insider, involving a "century egg" she had to eat on "Cutthroat Kitchen" that nearly made her throw up and left her unable to eat eggs for a whole year. Fortunately, as she also related, she had a different experience on "Iron Chef America." 

She told Insider that "It was amazing to eat dishes from Alex Guarnaschelli, Bobby Flay, and their competitors because the show is really about incredible dishes." So what was her favorite? She praised one dish in particular from Chef Alex Guarnaschelli, noting, "one of the most stand-out dishes, though, was a beef steak flavored with cheese and onion." She describes the dish in detail, noting it was "this ribeye that she wrapped in blue cheese and green onion and it was so delicious. I loved it so much I made something similar in a competition two years later." This was clearly some steak that made a really lasting impression. Where can we find one on a menu?