Why You Should Think Twice About Ordering The White Spinach Queso At Chili's

Chili's has an expansive menu that promises to leave you satisfied, no matter what your preferences are. "We're in the business of making people feel special," the brand states on its website. This means that there is a conscious effort to ensure that customers are given priority, so that they have a great experience every time they're dining at the eatery.

The Tex-Mex eatery has loads of options on the menu. You name it, they have it. From burgers, steaks, fajitas, sandwiches to tacos, quesadillas, and more, you'll be spoiled for choice. One of its offerings is the White Spinach Queso, which has ingredients like pico, guacamole, and cilantro. It comes with a satisfying serving of chips with salsa. However, if you're someone who wants to ensure that you're not eating a high-calorie meal, you may want to think twice before ordering this dish. It may not be the best menu item to go for, according to Eat This, Not That.

White Spinach Queso at Chili's might be too unhealthy

The White Spinach Queso at Chili's is seemingly unhealthy. Per Eat This, Not That, the meal combined with salsa and chips is loaded with as much as 1,430 calories. There's also 87 grams of fat to account for as well as an unbelievable amount of sodium (3,110 milligrams), 127 grams of carbs, and 37 grams of protein. It's simply not worth digging into this one. 

The Food and Drug Administration advises people to limit sodium intake to less than 2,300 milligrams every day. This dish already higher has more sodium than the recommended amount. It's also high in calories, leaving little room for other food options during the day. It's advisable to order something else that's relatively healthier at the restaurant, such as the Ranchero Chicken Tacos, Grilled Chicken Sandwich, or the Classic Sirloin Steak with Grilled Avocados. Also, a good rule of thumb? Limit your portions and save some for later.