Nancy Silverton Dishes On What It's Like To Work With Gordon Ramsay - Exclusive

Over the course of her career, Nancy Silverton has seen it all. After redefining the way that Americans perceive pizza, bread, and pasta, and opening a slew of iconic restaurants across Los Angeles, Silverton helped elevate Italian cooking everywhere she went (via Pizzeria Mozza). To top it off, in 2014, Silverton took home the James Beard award for "Outstanding Chef." With a resume like that, you couldn't go wrong learning a thing or two from this decorated chef.

In one of Silverton's latest TV appearances, the queen of pizzas and pastas sat in on "MasterChef: Legends" and dished out all her knowledge on creating the perfect pasta. According to Foodsided, Silverton challenged the show's contestants to make the perfect homemade pasta while building a balanced dish that could transport any diner back to Italy. During an exclusive interview with Mashed, Nancy Silverton revealed what it was like working with Gordon Ramsay, his trademark television presence, and his ability to intimidate rookie chefs.

Why Nancy Silverton thinks Gordon Ramsay has been on TV for so long

Nancy Silverton has the utmost respect and admiration for Ramsay and the way that he handles himself on screen. "I think that Gordon is a terrific, terrific host," Silverton said. "I really enjoy working with him not only because I think he cares, but I think he's so knowledgeable. And, that's what really matters is to give, to take these contestants who are working so hard and have them leave the show ... learning something. And, I think that Gordon provides that. And, that's what makes that show so successful and why it has been on for so many years."

While many viewers might imagine Gordon Ramsay as a tough nut to crack, Silverton has gained a deep insight into his true nature thanks to making many TV appearances alongside him. "I think that somehow he got this bad boy persona, right?" Silverton continued. "And he's not a bad boy. And so, I think the first time I did a show with him, I was really afraid, and afraid that he would yell at me. [...] I just was afraid of his personality and he's tough, but he's tough because he is a chef. And he has high expectations and he has high demands. It's not that he's a host that doesn't know what he's talking about. He knows how hard it is and what it takes. And, I always learned from him."

Be sure to catch Silverton's appearance, along with other iconic chefs, on "MasterChef: Legends," airing every Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.