What Olympic Swimmer Caeleb Dressel Eats In A Day

When you think about how much Olympic athletes have to train to stay in such great shape, the question of what they must eat tends to come up. It has certainly come up for Olympic gold medalist and multi-time world-record-setter Caeleb Dressel as the swimmer steps into the limelight once occupied by former Olympian Michael Phelps. Luckily, Dressel has let people in on his daily food routine.

His day starts bright and early with morning swim practice. Naturally, he doesn't like to eat too much before swimming, so he sticks with smaller carb-heavy foods that keep him from feeling too hungry but not so full that he can't get his practice in. "I never eat a lot before I get in the water because I don't want to, you know. Anything with carbs is what I go for if it's not a full meal," Dressel told USA Today in 2020. That means he might eat a bagel or toast, but he often eats oatmeal with honey (via Team USA). "I absolutely love honey," the swimmer said. Sometimes he opts for cereal that isn't too sugary, like Wheaties.

This is how he loves to refuel at the end of the day

After his morning two-hour swim, Dressel fuels up again with a glass of chocolate milk or a protein bar between workouts (via USA Today). Next up is weight training for a couple of hours before lunch. That's when he likes to eat a larger meal that's packed with great nutrition such as plenty of protein, healthy carbs, and fruits and vegetables. His favorites options include seafood, chicken, oranges, and apples according to Team USA. However, he does indulge in a donut some days too.

Dressel heads back to the pool for another two hours of swimming before dinner. That's when he says he can't wait to "get food as fast as I can." He eats until he is satiated again for dinner, which includes meatloaf, a meal he declared his love for. Eat This, Not That! found a social media post that included another indulgent treat, though: chicken wings. Everyone needs to splurge now and then, but it seems as though Dressel more than earns his cheat foods.