Nearly 23% Of People Think This Chain Restaurant Has The Worst Fries

Sometimes, there's no better choice than some nice, hot fast food fries. Maybe you're hungover and need something greasy and satisfying. Or perhaps you need to satisfy a craving that you've been avoiding for too long. Fries are always a good idea. Why? Firstly, they go really well with burgers and sandwiches. Secondly, they're easy to share and eat by the handful. And well, they're usually pretty delicious. Nearly all major fast food chains offer some type of fries on their menu. As per The Daily Meal, McDonald's fries are so popular that the company beats its competitors by a large margin: over a third of the fries sold in the country are actually made by McDonald's!

The Daily Meal also notes that most Americans consume around 30 pounds of fries every year. That's a lot of potatoes! With that in mind, have you ever wondered which fast food brands don't do that well in terms of creating demand for their fries? We found out the answer by surveying Americans about their thoughts on fries from chain restaurants like Red Robin and Outback Steakhouse, among others.

Most aren't happy with Applebee's

The survey on the chain restaurant with the worst fries included 637 respondents from different parts of the U.S. Around 22.76% indicated that they're rarely impressed with the fries at Applebee's. The next least-liked fry purveyor was The Cheesecake Factory, at 21.82%. The fries at Chili's didn't fare much better, at 18.52%, followed by Red Robin (14.29%), TGI Fridays (12.09%), and Outback Steakhouse (10.52%).

So, what's up with the fries at Applebee's? Well, the restaurant does serve baskets of fries to its customers, who can opt for sweet potato fries, classic fries, or BBQ spiced fries. But as far as the survey's participants are concerned, these fries don't deliver in terms of taste. A disgruntled customer wrote on Trip Advisor that they didn't like the fries because they weren't crispy. If you're dining at an Applebee's, go for a tastier option such as the Honey BBQ Boneless Wings. As per Insider, this dish is in a league of its own and totally worth the money.