Bachelorette Fans Need To Know About This Bizarre Food Recap Column

It's a known fact, and private joke among viewers, that "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette" producers won't let the contestants eat on dates. When you see them on their one-on-ones with tons of food laid out and fancy looking dishes aplenty, you rarely see them pick up even a nibble. According to Insider, this is because producers want less chewing and more talking about love when they're sitting down for a romantic and deep conversation, so they fill them up beforehand. 

Spoon University follows up that sentiment by noting, "the producers of the show won't let the two lovebirds eat because it's considered unattractive and no one wants to see people eating," although they also highlight that there are exceptions to the rule. This season alone, Katie Thurston has chowed down on Taco Bell and Lunchables, oysters, and more, but the time you actually see the biting and chewing is pretty much cut out. It would seem that past seasons have also had enough food featured (but not always eaten) that a site devoted a whole column to recapping what food got a feature.

Eating with your eyes takes on a whole new meaning

The Takeout is a site typically known for covering food and pop culture, run by the same people who run The Onion. The specific column that relates to "The Bachelor" franchise on The Takeout takes a recap style format, but instead of focusing singularly on love for the contestants, it focuses on what they are, or in most cases aren't, eating.

The recently posted recap of the "Men's Tell All" was a bit lackluster since it mostly included men arguing, recaps of old relationships and Thurston shattering the hearts of the men she most recently dumped. But in most columns, the recaps provide a humorous weekly reprise of the episode through a comical lens around the food featured. If you're a big foodie that also happens to enjoy the show and notices every time they have an elaborate spread of edibles they never actually eat, you'll definitely enjoy reading through this weekly column and hating on the wasted food along with them.