Domino's Brooklyn Style Pizza: What To Know Before Ordering

"Go big or go home" reads the Domino's website about its Brooklyn Style pizza, a pretty accurate description of this menu item. Typical to New York style pizza, Domino's Brooklyn Style pie features oversized slices that allow customers to fold their pizza and enjoy it like true residents of the Big Apple. 

Only offered in two sizes — large and extra-large — this classic pie is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. But what is it, exactly, and how does it differ from other pizza options on the Domino's menu?

The crust is the main element that makes the Domino's Brooklyn Style pizza unique. The chain describes it as being perfect for "those who prefer a little less dough than what you find with our popular Hand Tossed pizza, but a little more than our Crunchy Thin Crust options." Essentially, it's the best of both worlds, firmly between thick and thin crust varieties.

How is the Domino's Brooklyn Style pizza crust made?

As Domino's explains, its employees hand-stretch the dough to the right size and consistency for the perfect Brooklyn-inspired slice.

As far as ingredients go, the Brooklyn Style crust includes several common allergens, including milk, wheat, and soy, per the Domino's website. It's also made with other common baking ingredients, including salt, sugar, and corn meal. The ingredient list is similar to that of the chain's handmade pan crust, but the Brooklyn Style option doesn't include palm oil "natural butter flavor."

If you have a gluten sensitivity, you may want to steer clear of the Brooklyn Style crust. Domino's doesn't recommend any of its crust options, including its gluten-free crust, for customers with celiac disease because of potential cross-contamination. But for those who seek the gluten-free crust for other reasons, they should be aware that the gluten-free dough isn't available for the Brooklyn Style crust.

What's on the pizza?

The toppings you can order on Domino's Brooklyn Style pizzas are as diverse as New York City itself. The big differentiator between this pie and other options on the menu is the crust, as mentioned above, not the toppings. 

On its website, Domino's suggests starting with the classic tomato sauce and mozzarella options but notes that customers can build their pizzas however they please. You can also custom-order any of Domino's specialty pizzas to be made with the Brooklyn Style crust. One advantage of the Brooklyn Style pizza is that it is cut into six large slices, which can accommodate extra toppings.

Serious Eats describes the chain's Brooklyn Style crust as "surprisingly thin, somewhat crisp, ... and much lighter and airier" than Domino's original pies. The outlet states that the Brooklyn Style pizza comes dusted with cornmeal on the bottom, giving it another crunchy element.

How does Domino's Brooklyn Style pizza taste?

The taste of Domino's Brooklyn style pizza is going to vary heavily depending on the toppings and sauce you put on it. The Brooklyn Style crust is thin and crunchy, but not quite as crispy as the chain's Crunchy Thin crust option. 

And unlike Domino's traditional Hand Tossed pizza crust, the Brooklyn Style isn't seasoned with garlic. Bacinos also states that the Brooklyn Style pizzas come with less cheese than the Hand Tossed option, though you can always request extra cheese to compensate.

Sauce options from Domino's include classic tomato, hearty marinara, honey bbq, garlic parmesan, Alfredo, and even ranch. You can also decide if you'd like the sauce applied in light, normal, or extra amounts. Any of the chain's toppings are available, including Italian sausage, banana peppers, buffalo sauce, mushrooms, and feta cheese. But you can't go wrong with classic pepperoni.

How much does it cost?

A large Brooklyn Style pizza at Domino's will run you $12.99, while an extra-large costs $15.99. The Domino's website describes the large as suitable for three to five people, while the extra-large is perfect for five to six.

Better yet, depending on your location, you may even be able to score a discount through the coupons section of the company website, which features both national and local promos. Split the pizza with friends, and it's basically the same price as the slices you'll spot on the streets of New York City. 

With prices like these, fans will be pleased to know the Brooklyn Style pizza is not a temporary item. It's currently part of Domino's standard menu, and the pizza chain has given no indication that it's taking it away anytime soon. So you can count on this option being around when that craving hits.

Is Domino's Brooklyn Style pizza nutritious?

According to the Domino's nutrition calculator, an extra-large Brooklyn Style pizza with marinara sauce and the standard amount of cheese has 1,980 calories, meaning each slice has 330 calories. The large size has 1,560 calories, or 260 per slice. Keep in mind that these are pretty big slices, so from a nutrition standpoint, Domino's Brooklyn Style pizza isn't all that different from other options at the chain.

Because of its thinner nature, Domino's Brooklyn Style pizza has fewer calories and carbohydrates, as well as less sodium, saturated fats, and sugar than the hand-tossed option. (There are, of course, additional ways to make your pizza more nutritious, such asking for light cheese or sauce or holding off on heavier toppings such as bacon or pepperoni.)

Ultimately, Domino's Brooklyn Style pizza is about as nutritious as you can expect a standard slice to be. As is the case with so much of this customizable pizza, it all comes down to the toppings.