This Simple Trick Lets You Make Pancakes For A Large Group

Trading in your usual bowl of cereal for a towering stack of fluffy pancakes in the morning is always a treat, but what isn't a treat is having to diligently stand in front of your stove or griddle flipping each flapjack one by one. If you're anticipating a large and especially hungry crowd for breakfast, you could end up spending well over an hour in the kitchen until you have enough pancakes for your entire household to munch on, meaning a considerable amount of your morning is gone by the time the meal is over with.

Of course, you could instead just pack everybody up into the car to head to your closest IHOP or Cracker Barrel and leave the pancake flipping to the professionals, though this requires a certain amount of effort in itself, not to mention it means shelling out some money you didn't necessarily need to spend. You also have the option of buying a box of pre-made frozen pancakes to throw into the microwave when breakfast time rolls around, but while easy, we can probably all agree that those aren't nearly as delicious as homemade hotcakes. So what, then, are you to do when everybody in your household wakes up with pancakes on their mind?

Use a sheet pan to make a big batch of pancakes all at once

If making a batch of pancakes in the morning is the bane of your existence, LifeHacker has just the trick to take the task of whipping up the breakfast staple from a time-consuming chore to a thing of ease. Instead of pulling out a pan or griddle in the early hours, the outlet suggests using something we all likely have stowed away in the convenient drawer underneath our oven to get the job done — a sheet pan.

As Lifehacker explains, you can go ahead and make your pancake batter as you usually would either with a boxed mix or from scratch. However, once you get to the actual cooking part of the process, instead of throwing dollops of it in a regular pan and making flapjacks one at a time, you can pour the whole bowl of batter into a greased sheet pan. Throw the tray into an oven that's been preheated to 425 degrees and in about 15 minutes you'll have an entire batch of pancakes that can be portioned into individual pieces and served piping hot to everybody that's joining you for the morning meal.