The Fruit Juice That Is Way More Nutritious Than You Might Think

Feeling thirsty? There's nothing like a cold glass of juice to help beat the heat. Though nothing can replace the benefits of water hydration during the most scorching months of the year, juice is another great way to quench your thirst and keep your body temperature low and cool. No matter the fruit or vegetable, juice is a refreshing staple and the perfect beverage to get vitamins and nutrients too. Whether it's freshly squeezed orange juice to start off your morning, tomato juice to help battle a hangover, or even the fitness favorite wheatgrass juice, this versatile beverage can be enjoyed by adults and kids alike. For all you enthusiasts, here are the juices you should and shouldn't be drinking.

Both revitalizing and delicious, this drink also has a variety of health benefits. However, it was recently discovered that there's a particular type of fruit that reigns supreme when it comes to healthy fruit juices, according to Eat This Not That!. Cantaloupe lovers, contain your excitement. You're in for a treat!

The surprising health benefits of cantaloupe juice

If you've never tried cantaloupe juice, now's the time! According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, this juicy melon has barely any calories or fat due to its high water content, while also providing 337% of the daily recommended intake of vitamin C. These benefits have the potential to boost immune systems and may help individuals combat illness. And that's not all. These tasty orbs possess healthy doses of potassium, and reportedly offer more than 100% of the daily recommended dose of Vitamin A, which may help your vision, bone health, and provide protection against cancer. If you weren't already hitting the produce aisle, you should be now!

You might be wondering, why cantaloupe juice? Why not eat these delicious melons right off the rind? One reason is cantaloupe has a pretty short shelf-life. Thankfully, researchers from the University of Georgia are getting involved to help find new ways to preserve these flavorful fruits, including juicing them (via CAES Newswire).

According to Linda Araghi, the doctoral candidate heading the study, "the long-term goal of our research is to extend the shelf life of fruit juices while preserving natural levels of beneficial molecules and sensory quality." Araghi's team is exploring the best way to keep melons at their peak freshness by investigating "the use of refrigeration and high pressure processing methodology." In the meantime, you can juice the melon yourself at home or buy it pre-made at a number of specialty grocery stores.