Twitter Is Shocked By Steak-Umm's Big Statement On 'Fake News'

In lieu of pursuing modes of advertisement that do nothing but fill one's brain with noise, Steak-umm presented their latest Twitter advertisement as a public service announcement on the subject of fake news. The sliced meat company straightforwardly stated in a "beefy" Twitter thread that society is facing problems due to a distrust in the institutions responsible for producing and disseminating scientific knowledge. According to the thread, the distrust has been caused by many factors, such as the politicization of information and the secreting of information away from the public behind paywalls.

These "misteaks," as they put it, can be corrected by experts who are more transparent about their processes, and by laypeople who can understand that the process of discovering scientific knowledge is messier than we often conceive of it. The last point they make is that we need to share "mutually understood language and comparable information," or a baseline reality, or the whole project of a democratic society is pointless. The issue, as far as there is one, is that language and information always come from a particular perspective. Steak-umm made a similar point in another Twitter thread they wrote against Neil deGrasse Tyson's declaration that science is "true" despite individual belief to the contrary. As this is only a Twitter thread, however, the Steak-umm social media can be forgiven for not publishing a full book of philosophy.

Near the end of the latest thread, however, they wrap it up with what is truly important: "remember, this whole thing was an ad so please buy our frozen meat."

It has proven effective

By this point, Steak-umm has developed a reputation for the realness of their social media. In 2018, Eater acknowledged Steak-umm's depressive social media presences as a unique advertising angle that seems to be working for them, at least for now.

Indeed, the reactions to the latest Twitter ramble indicate that Steak-umm has perfected its social media persona. As of this writing, the thread on fake news has received over 43,000 likes and has been shared over 15,000 times. "This is where we are, ~1.5 years into a global pandemic," one person, whom the company retweeted, wrote. He continued, "A frozen steak company is the voice of reason. I'm pretty sure this is the event predicted to occur immediately before the end of days in all the world's major religious texts." The backhanded nature of the compliment aside, the point it makes was shared by many who told others to follow the frozen meat company. Whether these social media successes translate to actual sales is, of course, another matter. Still, if you are interested, the company has pinned a meta-thread of all its other interrogations into the issues of our time.