TikTok Can't Stop Talking About How Costco Puts Sauce On Its Pizza

People are not amused by this viral TikTok video, which shows the controversial way that Costco spreads its pizza sauce. "Spreads" is actually the wrong word, because the popular wholesale chain actually uses a machine that starts swirling the sauce on the outer radius of the dough, before going inwards. The process was painful to watch. The person filming sarcastically says, "Okay that's enough," when there are clear gaps between the lines of tomato sauce. In the comments, one user wrote, "there's never enough sauce on pizza," and another sarcastically commented, "light sauce only."

What is this, Costco? Everyone knows that you spread your sauce over your homemade pizza dough. And with the huge fanbase that Costco pizza has (we ranked its pepperoni pizza on the top of our Costco Food Court list), you would think that the superstore would do better and at the bare minimum, distribute its sauce the right way.

More about the sauce robot

A lot of people, however, were familiar with Costco's "sauce robot" before this viral video. Perhaps, it was just this machine that was being stingy with the sauce, because normally the robot's "spin art" leaves for a pizza that is equally distributed and has just the right amount of the tomato condiment on it.

While there are definitely instances when machine-made food is more practical and delicious than its handmade counterparts — as seen in 7-Eleven's scrumptious mashed potatoes — that does not seem like the case here (via HuffPost). But maybe we are being a little too harsh, after all, the user who posted the video is @pizzas in which tomato pies are the sole topic of the account. Let's hope that there was just a malfunction in this sauce robot's design, because we can't deal with the crime that is a dry pizza that lacks sauce.