For Baking, One Stand Mixer Towers Above The Rest

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Whether you're a seasoned pro, a novice baker, or somewhere in between, your life will benefit greatly from an electric stand mixer. But not just any mixer. You need the Aucma Electric Food Stand Mixer. Its powerful motor blows other electric stand mixers out the water and it has the high performance technology to work at a noise level lower than 76dB. For comparison, that's quieter than most garbage disposals, dishwashers, and blenders (via Purdue). 

Aucma's stand mixer includes six optimized speeds that are perfect for baking: Speed Dough Hook (bread and short pastries); Speed Beater (crepes); and Speed Whisk (cream and egg mixtures). Each of those speed categories have two levels, so you can adjust the speed even further to fit your recipe needs.

Additionally, the machine comes with a 6.5 quart bowl that can be used for pretty much anything: cakes, breads, cookies, pastries, muffins, and even waffle mix. Plus, the mixing bowl includes dual handles for a studier grip. Last but certainly not least, the electric freestanding mixer has a splash guard attachment so you can add ingredients as you bake without getting various powders and liquid everywhere.

Buyers say it rivals pricier brands

While there's something special (and professional) about owning a name brand electric stand mixer like as KitchenAid, Amazon customers assure the Aucma Electric Food Stand Mixer from Amazon functions just the same as a fancier model. Plus, it costs less than $175, which is very uncommon for freestanding mixers, especially bigger-capacity machines like this one that include gadgets with advanced features.

Over 10,600 Amazon shoppers have reviewed this Aucma mixer, and it gets 4.7 out of five stars! Specifically, the freestanding machine scores a 4.7 in the "easy to use" category and a 4.6 in value for money, suction power, and durability. One excited buyer went so far as to say using her mixer was love at first sight. Another person noted they were hesitant to buy a mixer from a lesser known brand but has had no issues using the mixer or its attachments. Several others shared they were blown away with the different speed levels and how easy it was to disassemble for cleaning. Aucma's customer service has received praise in the comments, too. So even if you run into a problem, you're in safe hands.

Purchase the Aucma Electric Food Stand Mixer on Amazon for $159.00.