If You Ever Wanted To Stay On A Cap'n Crunch-Themed Houseboat, Now's Your Chance

Cap'n Crunch lovers, rejoice! The classic cereal brand announced the opportunity of a lifetime for Crunch fans in the form of a new cereal-themed vacation. The brand said in a social media post, "Sometimes to be the Cap'n, you gotta live like the Cap'n. Learn how to enter for a chance to win a stay aboard my Cap'n's Quarters" (via Twitter). Interested Crunch fans can get details on how to register at the Cap'n's Quarters online. A prime requirement is sharing a photo or video that represents contestants' super fandom with authenticity and "Crunch-ativity." 

Entrants will need an iHeart radio login to enter and the selection will be chosen by a panel of judges. The official rules say that the criteria include Creativity, which accounts for 34%; Content Quality, which is worth 33%, and Ability to Integrate Brand, which is the remaining 33%. According to the Twitter post, the "winner will get to choose any two consecutive nights between 8/9 and 8/17 to stay at The Cap'n's Quarters." They "will also receive a $2,000 bank gift card." That the winner must be at least 25 years old and must provide their own transportation to the houseboat in Boston, MA. And what a magical houseboat it is!

Furnished with extra crunchberries

Cap'n Crunch offered a Twitter video tour of this amazing cereal-themed water oasis, equipped with plentiful Crunchberries. The houseboat appears to be a modern design in a small cottage, decked out in the Cap'n's signature blue and yellow colors. You'll find the boat with its bright yellow Cap'n flag, wowing one Twitter user so much they declared, "Name any price for a Cap'n Crunch flag as seen here and I will pay it." The outside features what looks like a comfortable deck for waterfront relaxing as well as landscaped foliage boasting plentiful Crunchberries straight from Crunch Island next to circular life preservers.

The view from the inside shows plentiful and subtle details. The walls are covered in photographs of ships and other famous sea captains while Cap'n Crunch's "trusty companion SEA DOG" gets a special spot. The shelves are stocked with books featuring seafaring adventures and captain-worthy stories like "Moby Dick." You can amuse yourself with board games like Cap'n Crunch Island Adventure. The bed appears to be furnished with plumped, soft, and colorful Crunchberry pillows. But it gets even better.

You won't go hungry either as the cupboards are simply PACKED with your favorite food: Cap'n Crunch cereal. This seriously looks so, so fun and tasty, too.