This Raising Cane's-Inspired Beer Is Turning Heads

For as long as there have been people there has been boozy libations. Nowadays, when folks go out, the first thing they typically ask for is beer (as any self-respecting 21+ college student would know). According to TIME, beer happens to be the "world's most beloved drink" and folks have been celebrating with it for millennia. Per Smithsonian Magazine, the world's oldest known barley beer and grape wine have been dated back to Iran's Zagros Mountains from around 3400 B.C. and 5400 B.C. respectively. Moreover, the oldest libation of any kind dates back to a concoction created some 9,000+ years to China's Yellow River Valley.

TIME notes that you can find beer consumption across the globe, in countries like Turkey and Germany (hello, Oktoberfest). With its lengthy and hoppy history, it comes as a surprise to no one that beer companies both big and small have set out to get more and more creative with the flavor profiles their beer boasts — something the Parish Brewing Co. does not shy away from with their latest IPA that was inspired by the popular restaurant Raising Cane's (via WGNO).

Parish Brewing Co.'s new IPA will be called No Slaw, Extra Toast

In an Instagram post made by Parish Brewing Co., the brand revealed that its latest IPA was directly inspired by the good folks at Raising Cane's and the lemonade they are serving their customers. So, what can folks expect from this somewhat unexpected combination of flavors? Parish Brewing Co. explains that the IPA will feature their signature hop profile with a delicious dose of Meyer lemon puree. The end result? Something that is "a refreshing Lemonade IPA."

In addition to the lemon puree, the IPA also features a half-and-half blend of Australian Galaxy and Yakima Citra to round it off and really make it sing. The company states that the alcohol by volume will be 7%. (Live Science notes that the average ABV for beer tops off at about 4.5%.) So, how can you get your hands on this refreshing lemonade IPA? You can either visit their taproom to get your fix or visit their website where you can have a "No Slaw, Extra Toast" four-pack of 16 oz cans sent to your home for $17.