Domino's Poorly Timed WWE Commercial Had Viewers Shocked

On July 28, TNT Network viewers were watching wrestlers Chris Jericho and Nick Gage go at it as part of All Elite Wrestling's "AEW Dynamite" event. The typical stuff that tends to go down during pro-wrestling matches was going down. And by "typical stuff," we mean pretty much anything. This is pro-wrestling, after all. Moreover, this match was a "No Rules" match, which means exactly what it sounds like. 

Knowing this, no one should have been shocked to see Gage enter the ring wielding an actual pizza cutter, with which he proceeded to slice Jericho's arm (via Essentially Sports). Nor should anyone have so much as flinched when Jericho took to pounding Gage with a baseball bat, landing shots on his gut and back. Even when Gage intercepted a third swing by gouging Jericho's face with his pizza cutter, it didn't seem all that noteworthy — at least not at first.

As it turned out, that pizza cutter made bloody contact directly before TNT's regularly scheduled commercial break, and the first commercial shown was for Domino's. Even that wouldn't have necessarily been all that noteworthy, except that the subject matter of the Domino's commercial proved that timing is, in fact, everything.

Domino's found itself in the wrong place at the wrong time

In the instant Nick Gage took a pizza cutter to fellow pro-wrestler Chris Jericho's forehead during July 28's "No Rules" match, viewers couldn't have been surprised — they'd been seeing bloody carnage since the All Elite Wrestling match begun. Nor could viewers have been shocked by the intensity of the violence; mere seconds before the pizza cutter made contact with Jericho's face, Jericho had been pounding Gage pretty darn hard with a baseball bat — and seemed intent on continuing to do so. Rather, what ended up shocking viewers was what happened next.

Thanks to a regularly scheduled commercial break, TNT immediately cut (ha ha) to a Domino's commercial in which a pizza cutter was slicing into fresh, hot pizza pie. Apparently, viewers felt some type of way about it, leading Domino's to issue a statement to Front Office Sports disavowing any involvement in the wrestling match or its "gory scene." Not only that, but the pizza chain expressed "concern" about continuing to advertise at all during AEW wrestling matches. Only one question remains: is this an unfortunate coincidence for Domino's or karmic retribution for bringing back the Noid?