The Worst Salsa At Chipotle According To 28% Of People

Anyone who enjoys an American take on Mexican food knows that one of the best parts of the meal is chips and salsa. Whether you love the salty crunch of the chips or like to hog the whole bowl of salsa, it's an undeniably delicious part of the meal. While all chain and local restaurants have their own spins on salsa, Mashed polled fans to find out their opinion of Chipotle's salsas in particular. The beloved chain received some pretty mixed opinions, too.

The poll Mashed took surveyed 640 people across the United States about what salsa at Chipotle they like the least. There were four options to choose from including fresh tomato, tomatillo-red chili, tomatillo-green chili, and roasted chili-corn salsa. The results were rather divided, which might mean Chipotle simply has a salsa to suit every kind of customer. Regardless, Mashed readers clearly chose which one they like the least and it just might surprise you.

This is the worst salsa at Chipotle

Of the options included in Mashed's survey on the least-liked salsa at Chipotle, fresh tomato (which is essentially pico de gallo) received the least amount of votes, which makes it the most popular of the salsas offered by the chain. It got 18.59% of the vote from 119 people. Up next is the tomatillo-red chili salsa which got just 21.41%. That means 137 people voted for it. The second-worst flavor of salsa at Chipotle was tomatillo-green chili, with 28.44% of the vote from 182 people. Though more than a quarter of voters disliked the tomatillo-green chili salsa most, it's still fewer votes than the salsa designated as Chipotle's worst received.

Ultimately, that means roasted chili-corn salsa came in very last, with 31.56% of the vote. So, out of 640 people, 202 of them voted that the roasted chili and corn salsa at Chipotle is the absolute worst one you can get. Whether you agree or not, it's clear that more than a third of people can go without the roasted corn and chili salsa. On the bright side, if you're a fan, that means more for you.