Chick-Fil-A Fans Are Fascinated By This 'Unwaffled' Fry

The Chick-fil-A subreddit, r/Chick-fil-A, is intended to serve as a "home to raving fans or the casual chicken lover" and a place "to ask any questions or share your love of chicken."  It just so happens that a Reddit user (@ColtonHartsfield) ordered waffle fries from their local Chick-fil-A only to discover a fascinatingly un-waffle-like something-or-other nestled amongst the otherwise perfectly golden-brown waffle-shaped fried potatoes in the iconic red box. So it's only natural that they would go directly to said Chick-fil-A subreddit to report on this strange occurrence and learn what they could about its significance. 

That is, of course, what this particular Reddit user did on August 2 when they initiated what has turned out to be quite the entertaining conversation in r/Chick-fil-A by posting a photo of the above-referenced "unwaffled" fry with the caption, "I found this in my waffle fries" (via Reddit). As you might have guessed, some of their fellow Chick-fil-A fans were downright fascinated by the unwaffled fry. Of course, some were not. And as you might also have guessed, hilarity ensued.

In all fairness, the 'unwaffled' fry did strongly resemble a slice of potato

The unexpected Chick-fil-A find garnered some pretty notable reactions. Redditor @LuckyCaptainCrunch replied almost immediately with what, presumably, they thought was helpful information: "That there is a tater." Another person said that this sort of thing happens on a daily basis, at least if you happen to be a fry cook, as they claimed to be. However, other Chick-fil-A fans on the subreddit expressed a bit more fascination with what was obviously an unwaffled fry. 

"An unwaffled fry! I think that makes you king or something," another Reddit user wrote. "In my 13 years of existing, I've seen countless waffle fries with potato skin on them, but I've never seen a sliced tater, guess I'll have to keep searching for one," wrote another. But the award for the most theoretically useful reply came from the Reddit user who pointed out that "some girl just got $20,000 for a puffed up Dorito. You should be able to get at least $5,000 foe that on eBay."

Unfortunately, the OP had already eaten said unwaffled fry. But "maybe if I put it in the ground it will grow into a tater tree," they conceded.