The Real Reason McDonald's Fans Are Obsessed With Its '90s Cinnamon Rolls

Ah, the '90s. The millennials' most nostalgic era. When it comes to '90s memorabilia, there's pretty much an endless list to scroll through. Tamagotchis, Sunny D, frosted tips, Gameboys, the deep-seated anxiety that came with wondering whether or not Ross and Rachael would ever get back together — we could go on forever. But recently, one very specific '90s artifact seems to have millennials (at least, the ones on Reddit) scratching their heads.

The artifact in question is the McDonald's cinnamon bun. Not the current McDonald's cinnamon bun, or the cream cheese-iced Cinnamelt from the 2000s, but the old-school, square cinnamon bun that so many '90s McDonald's-lovers remember fondly.

The best thing about these extinct cinnamon buns was their square shape, which fit perfectly into one of the fast food chain's clam containers, and their glaze, which pooled in the corners of the container for an extra goopy, sweet experience, according to one Reddit user.

A cinnamon bun that only exists in our imaginations

But the reason everyone is talking about the '90's cinnamon bun isn't simply because of how good it was (although that would be reason enough), but because nobody can seem to find any evidence that it ever existed.

Reddit users have scoured the internet looking for old photos of the square cinnamon bun, and have come up short. The closest thing they've found to evidence of the sweet treat is a photo on an old pin (via imgur), and one on an old McDonald's poster, dated 1978 (via

One Reddit user claims that, back in the '90's, McDonalds was subcontracting their cinnamon buns from Cinnabon before Burger King swooped in and "yanked the supply chain out." We can't confirm or deny this, but after our own clean sweep of the internet, we also haven't been able to find any evidence that the '90s cinnamon bun was a real thing. For now, we'll just have to depend on our own sweet, sticky memories, and hope that maybe, just maybe, like the "Friends" reunion and the scrunchie renaissance, the McDonald's cinnamon buns of the '90s will soon make their 21st century comeback.