Where To Buy Cup Noodles Bizarre New Pumpkin Spice Flavor

Because pumpkin spice Cheerios, pumpkin spice Jell-O, pumpkin spice kale chips, and pumpkin spice Pop-Tarts (yes, all these products exist, just ask Eater) clearly aren't enough to feed our insatiable need for the fall flavor — Cup Noodles has invented pumpkin spice flavored ramen noodles. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to eat pumpkin spice-flavored foods for breakfast, lunch, and dinner this fall.

We know what your next question is. In the invent, say, of an apocalypse, are pumpkin spice-flavored ramen noodles something you'd want to stock your cupboards with? Cup Noodles is busy trolling Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts and their pumpkin spice-flavored lattes on Twitter, and you don't take on the big league players unless you've got something to compete with, right? The company also swears to its followers that its new noodle flavor is "delicious" (via Twitter). You'll have to wait until late October, though, to give them a try according to a statement released by Nissin Foods, Cup Noodles' parent company.

You'll only be able to buy pumpkin spice cup noodles at this discount chain

There's another caveat. Cup Noodles' new pumpkin spice flavored ramen won't be available in the grocery store of your choice. Instead, according to the company's press release, its "most unexpected flavor to date" will be exclusively buyable at one of the 4,743 Walmart stores in the United States (via Statista). And — when you think about it — Walmart is the perfect home for pumpkin spice flavored ramen noodles. On Walmart's shelves, it'll join the likes of okra pickles (via Eat This, Not That!), poop emoji cake pans, pickle ice freeze pops, and cheeseburger onion rings (via Reader's Digest).

Finally, in answer to that doubt lingering in the back of your mind, keeping you awake at night, it seems that you can enjoy Cup Noodle's pumpkin spice-flavored ramen as both a savory and a sweet dish. In fact, the company advises that you top their new flavor with whipped cream, "for the quickest, tastiest and most outlandish pumpkin spice in-a-cup experience you never knew you needed!"