The Best Starbucks Drink For You, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Maybe you've spent a fortune on tarot readings, numerology forecasts, and a personal birth chart. Or, maybe you're not even sure what your Zodiac sign is, let alone having ever looked up your horoscope. No matter where you fall on the astrology spectrum, you have to admit, it's still a fun, kooky pastime that can be quite revealing. At best, the stars might help you make a good business decision or maybe let you know when to get out of a bad relationship ... at worst, they're yet another tool human beings have found to judge fellow humans (as if there's anything wrong with Pisces being dreamers!).

Either way, if you've ever used your birthday, the constellations, or other-worldly knowledge based on planetary movements to figure out your best move for when to change careers to where to travel to, we have another guiding light to consider. This time, it's how to use your sign to order the perfect drink at Starbucks. Fear not, intrepid astrologer and coffee-drinker — we got you with all 12 matchups below.

Aries: Bold like espresso

This fiery sign derives its name from Ares, the Greek god of war — and it's no wonder. Those born under this first sign of the zodiac are known for their brash, bold, ambitious tendencies — descriptions they might prefer to euphemistically think of as good leadership qualities. According to, an Aries loves the challenge of a new task, particularly when they are given the reins to proceed as they wish. Aries' default mode is fully-charged, so a green light and a shot of caffeine is probably all they need to jump-start their day. Given that, espresso is the best drink for an Aries to order. Short, strong, no nonsense. Knock it back at the counter with one gulp and let's do this thing.

Taurus: The simple pleasure of peach tea

A Taurus may be represented by the bull, but instead of the raging kind, think Ferdinand — that good-natured fellow who wanted nothing more than to sit in a meadow and sniff the daisies. says that a Taurus loves creature comforts, soothing scenes, and physical touch, and they are known to have "a steady, patient, and generous energy in the core of their personality." So, what kind of drink do you order for someone so at peace with their inner self? A Taurus would probably be quite happy to clutch a hot mug of Tazo Peach Tranquility tea, while they ruminate on life's beautiful mysteries.

Gemini: Perfect blend of a caramel macchiato

The defining characteristic of this air sign, according to, is an insatiable curiosity — one that inspires both the intellectual prowess and social magnetism that Geminis are known for (a fancy way of saying these chatterboxes love to talk, and might ask you a million questions). While Geminis are represented by the twins, Castor and Pollux, the symbolism isn't meant to reflect a split personality, but rather a duality of nature that allows Geminis to be adaptable and fluid in their environment. So, a Gemini might want to order a Caramel Macchiato — something fun and caffeinated, to match their energy and keep them focused on the conversation at hand. But, don't be surprised if they change their order the next time.

Cancer: Standard English Breakfast tea (for everyone)

Those born under the sign of Cancer are not (usually) as crabby as their crab symbol would suggest. In fact, think of Cancers as soft-shell crabs — chaps who are sensitive perhaps to the point of getting a bit emotional about things, and at their happiest when those around them are happy. A Cancer's favorite role is that of a nurturer and caretaker, according to Family and home mean everything to a crab, and Cancers relish in forming and tending to family ties. Expect a Cancer to order English Breakfast tea for themselves and their companions, so they can relish in everyone enjoying a hot cup while nourishing their soul.

Leo: Standing out with fancy Cold Brew

Leo is Latin for lion, and lions love the limelight. Well, okay, maybe lions don't — but Leos usually do, as these natural-born leaders thrive on the stage and, in general, radiate their warm, sunny energy onto anyone lucky enough to be in their orbit. As points out, Leos are often creative, confident, and optimistic — a combination of qualities that means they throw themselves passionately into projects that strike their fancy, and take pride in the praise and adoration that often follows. A Leo is quite comfortable being the center of attention, so don't be surprised if they (loudly) order a customized Salted Caramel Cream Nitro Cold Brew, and then delight in the looks from fellow Starbucks patrons, craning their necks to see who ordered something so bold.

Virgo: A super precise cappuccino

Unlike Leos, Virgos tend to do their best work behind the scenes, where they can put their heads down and focus. Those born under this sign tend to analyze, predict, and prepare before they ever take action, says Perhaps it's the perfectionist within them, or perhaps it's their desire to bring themselves and those around them to their full potential. Either way, don't expect a Virgo to approach the counter at Starbucks with a loosey-goosey mentality and no game plan. Chances are, Virgos have done their research to find the exact right drink to suit their particular mood. Something slightly persnickety, like a cappuccino, with the perfect proportions of espresso and milk, foamed to their exact specification, might be just the thing. Or, at least, it better be.

Libra: A well-balanced caffé misto

While all other symbols of the zodiac signs are alive — be they human (like the Gemini twins) or animal (like the Cancer crab) — those born under the sign of Libra are represented by an inanimate object: a set of scales. It's an apt symbol for this harmonious sign that values balance and justice and is a natural diplomat when arguments break out. It's very likely that you'll see a Libra enjoying their drink of choice alongside their partner, too; says that Libras love relationships, perhaps because putting others' needs before their own comes so naturally. Once a Libra is assured that their partner is happy with their own drink order, a Libra will probably order a Caffè Misto — exactly equal parts coffee and milk — for a brilliantly balanced beverage.

Scorpio: Deep and bold dark chocolate mocha

While Scorpios tend to be curious, like a Gemini, their approach is wildly different thanks to the mercurial, adaptable air sign. Scorpios are equally interested in their fellow man, but far more mysterious in their manner as they go about intuiting and investigating a given subject, according to Don't let their black-and-white perspectives on life fool you, though; Scorpios tend to be more accepting than most. In fact, because Scorpios dance to the beat of their own drum, they easily identify with outsiders, underdogs, and those with alternative lifestyles. A Scorpio might fancy a Starbucks Reserve Dark Chocolate Mocha — something that reflects their sweet side, mysterious nature, and tendency towards "reserving" judgement.

Sagittarius: Varied flight of Clover brewed coffees calls those born under the Sagittarius sign — represented by the symbol of the centaur, or the archer — "the wanderers of the zodiac," but don't think that means these archers are wandering aimlessly. Sagittarius folk are constantly seeking truth and meaning, and answers to life's big questions — plus, a few spiritually-altering experiences along the way, if it's not too much to ask. These heady pursuits don't make them a bore at parties; on the contrary, Sagittariuses are known to be optimistic and joyful, though they'd never sacrifice their own integrity for a good time. For that reason, a Sagittarius is probably at home enjoying a flight of Clover brewed coffees, each one a different roast, to explore the flavors of the world via the beans in their brew ... and probably also asking the barista plenty of deep questions about the country of each coffee's origin.

Capricorn: No fuss Americano

Capricorns are represented by a mythical creature: the sea-goat, a hybrid aquatic-terrestrial creature just like the maiden on Starbucks cups herself. Those old sea-goats were a generous bunch, according to, with their horn inspiring the "cornucopia" bounty we know today. But there was a sadness that surrounded them as well, like the Greek myth about a sea-goat father who lost his sons on dry land. Perhaps both references contribute to the Capricorn's reputation as the hard-working, pragmatic type — resourceful, reliable, and almost too self-sufficient. For that reason, a Capricorn probably should order an Americano. Black. No sugar, no milk, no fuss. They'll probably take it to-go, too — there's work to be done, after all.

Aquarius: Enriching chai latte

The star sign Aquarius is represented by a water-bearer, which makes perfect sense when you meet them. Astrologically tasked with ensuring that everyone around them has what they need to succeed, Aquariuses are often the ones you see challenging the status quo in order to make the world a better place for everyone (via As a humanitarian, an Aquarius might be seen as radical, or ahead of their time, when really they often possess the innovation and vision to keep things moving forward. Plus, their wit and social skills mean they're going to bring you along for the ride. In other words, while you're enjoying your Frappuccino, an Aquarius is pressing the server about the sustainability and ethical implications of Starbucks' coffee sourcing, while probably sipping their enriching vegan Chai Latte with soy milk.

Pisces: Dreamy flavors of matcha lattes

And finally, Pisces. Latin for fish, this sign is represented by the constellation of koi fish — the same ones that saved Aphrodite and her son from a sea monster, according to And like those koi of Greek mythology, Pisces tend to be selfless, spiritual, and highly intuitive. As sensitive, soulful types, Pisces are often the spacey artists or other-worldly poets you see dreamily floating through Starbucks, connecting with a fellow musician or perhaps meeting their Tarot card reader for a one-on-one. They're likely ordering a Matcha Latte with almond milk and honey, so they can revel in its sweetness, take nourishment from the mystical matcha, and mull over the world's woes as they sip.