The Oreo Dunking Tool This TikToker Invented Is So Extra

One of the best parts about eating Oreo cookies is the fact that you get to dunk them in a glass of creamy milk. It's the perfect treat that can lift your spirits super quickly and is very easy to find. This may or may not come as a surprise, but the art of dunking is taken quite seriously by some folks. A solid example of this is a TikTok video from user Idiot Engineering who demonstrates how they use a homemade tool to dunk Oreo cookies.

The device has been christened 'the Dunkerator' and is over the top, to be honest. The TikToker claims that it is "the world's first multi Oreo dunking device" and has been designed in a way that makes it easy for you to dunk cookies without creating a huge mess. The cookies apparently stay put throughout the dunking process. The Dunkerator even includes a handle to hang the cookies off your glass. But here's the question: Do we really need such complicated tools to take advantage of one of the most simple pleasures in life?

Oreo cookies and dunking are interconected

Dunking Oreos is nothing new. Many have attempted to make this a more enjoyable experience. Per Delish, there are legitimate dunking sets in the market that are meant for foodies. Once available in stores such as Walmart, a special dunking set included a milk mug, "a cookie cage," a tong, a napkin, and of course, Oreo biscuits. This is a treat for someone who is absolutely devoted to their packet of Oreos and wants to make the process an elaborate one from start to finish.

Or as a Redditor says, use an easy hack at home and get your hands on a fork for effortless dunking. Simple and costs practically nothing. Someone else had the most relatable solution ever. They wrote, "I just crush three Oreos in my mouth ... repeat..." Hey, if it works in your favor, it works, right?