18 Popular Jeni's Ice Cream Flavors Ranked Worst To Best

Everyone has different preferences when it comes to ice cream, but if there's one ice cream brand we could choose above all the other's it would be Jeni's Ice Cream. It all started out in Columbus, Ohio, but by now, it's spread across the country. And people everywhere love the sophisticated selection of flavors the brand churns out. Hopefully, you can find a shop near you so you can walk in and try out some of the selection. If that's not a possibility, though, your local grocery store may carry this line of ice cream. Worst comes to worst, you can always order your favorite pints online.

If you haven't tried Jeni's before, you should know that this isn't your normal ice cream: The flavors are super creative, and you may even have a hard time deciding what you want. Forget about choosing between chocolate and vanilla because there is way, way more to consider when you're looking for a pint of Jeni's. So, just what should you try out? We've ranked some of the most popular Jeni's ice cream flavors so you can have a better idea of what you should pick up when you're looking for a pint. Let's start with the worst and make our way to the best.

18. Fluffernutter Pie

If you're looking for a Jeni's ice cream flavor that's going to make your teeth hurt, you've found what you're looking for in the Fluffernutter Pie. Wondering what a fluffernutter is? It's a sandwich that's made with peanut butter and — wait for it — marshmallow fluff. Sure, we all love peanut butter, but when you add the marshmallow into the mix, it starts to sound less than desirable.

Unfortunately, that's definitely the case with this ice cream. It combines roasted peanut butter ice cream and vanilla marshmallow ice cream in one pint, and they're both really, really sweet. If you have an overactive sweet tooth, you may like it, but for the rest of us, it's likely to be too sugary to enjoy more than a few bites of at a time.

There are also oat pie crust pieces added into the mix, which should add a nice touch of texture, but they're just kind of soft and sad. The result is a boring ice cream that has very little flavor other than an overwhelming amount of sugar. Overall, we'd suggest forgetting about this ice cream flavor altogether.

17. Lemon Bar

One thing you should know about Jeni's is the fact that it offers lots of different dairy-free options. Whether you're lactose-intolerant, vegan, or just trying to reduce your dairy intake, it can be a huge relief to see these kinds of items on a menu. And what's even better is the fact that most of the dairy-free ice creams Jeni's sells aren't the boring, one-note flavors you may have come to expect from other brands that venture into the world of dairy-free ice creams.

And while Jeni's has lots of non-dairy options that we absolutely love, we're going to have to pass on the Lemon Bar flavor. At first, we thought this flavor would be nice and refreshing. Who doesn't love a taste of lemon, especially in the summer? But the lemon curd flavor in this ice cream is way, way too intense. It's overwhelming, and it takes the attention away from the rest of the recipe.

The coconut cream is barely even recognizable, and it's not strong enough to compete with the lemon curd. The shortbread pieces are a nice touch, but there aren't enough of them in the mix. Trust us — there are better dairy-free options to be had at Jeni's.

16. Strawberry Buttermilk

Let's be honest: We were just happy to see that Jeni's doesn't offer a plain, boring strawberry ice cream like every other brand out there. Strawberry ice cream usually doesn't taste that good, so we're not eager for another disappointment in the fruity ice cream category. However, we weren't surprised to find out that the Strawberry Buttermilk flavor from Jeni's wasn't much better than a plain old classic strawberry.

This ice cream is wonderfully creamy, and that creaminess pairs well with the slightly funky taste of the buttermilk. However, this flavor isn't particularly strong, so it doesn't play that well with the strawberries. While strawberry in this recipe is supposed to provide a tartness to the flavor, it just seems a little bit too sweet. But even the strawberry doesn't have a very strong flavor here.

That all means that this ice cream isn't packed with delicious flavor like we have come to expect from Jeni's. It might be a good option for a picky kid, but it's not for those who want to experience the best the brand has to offer.

15. Wildberry Lavender

We love a good floral ice cream. There's something so different and special about it that it makes us want to try it almost immediately when we see it on a menu. Unfortunately, the Wildberry Lavender flavor from Jeni's did not live up to our expectations. The wildberry flavor is barely there, even though that's the part we want to taste the most. Instead, the strongest flavor is actually coming from the touch of orange that's added into the recipe. That bit of orange throws us off, and we think that this ice cream might actually be better without it.

The lavender definitely packs a punch too, but the floral nature of the flavor makes it really intense no matter what. It doesn't seem to totally fit with the ultra-creamy texture of the ice cream.

One thing we do love about this flavor, though, is the color. The light purple hue is gorgeous, and it'll make you want to serve a scoop to your guests.

14. Honey Vanilla Bean

We all know that vanilla ice cream can be downright boring. There's a reason why people use the term "vanilla" specifically to talk about something that elicits no excitement whatsoever. And as you've probably figured out by now, when you go to Jeni's you're not going to be getting the same old, same old. That doesn't mean, however, that the Honey Vanilla Bean is the best choice on the menu.

This flavor is like basic vanilla but with the added sweetness and depth of flavor that only honey can provide. We love that this hint of honey adds a whole different level of complexity to the ice cream, and it's definitely something we would snack on. But with so many other amazing and truly groundbreaking flavors on the menu, we don't think you should settle in this case.

For the record, you're definitely not going to be disappointed with this vanilla flavor if that's what you really want. But you shouldn't be afraid to branch out and try something just slightly more adventurous.

13. Blackout Chocolate Cake

Have you been waiting for a chocolate-based ice cream to appear on this list? Well, we've got you covered with the Blackout Chocolate Cake. First of all, as you may expect, it starts out with a rich chocolate ice cream. Then comes the cake and chocolate pieces that add some much-needed texture to the mix. And last but not least, the extra-bitter fudge brings it all together.

All the different components of this ice cream come together beautifully, creating a symphony of chocolate that's going to taste great ... for the first bite, that is. Our complaint with this flavor is the fact that it's just so, so intense. Does it taste great? Yes. But if you can't eat more than a few bites without feeling completely full and like your taste buds have checked out for the day, you may not enjoy your ice cream as much as you should.

If you absolutely love bitter, rich, and intense flavors, then you need to give the Blackout Chocolate Cake ice cream a try. If, on the other hand, you prefer something more nuanced and varied in flavor, then there are better flavors out there for you.

12. Gooey Butter Cake

Honestly, when you put the descriptor "gooey" in front of just about any dessert, it's going to catch our eye. That was certainly the case with this Gooey Butter Cake ice cream from Jeni's. If you like butter and cake (and who doesn't?), then it seems like this ice cream would be perfect right out the gate. As Jeni's website proclaims, "It's like the best blondie you've ever tasted ... covered in caramel sauce."

It all starts out with the cream cheese ice cream, which is absolutely amazing. We could eat this stuff on its own. But then, it's paired with pieces of vanilla cake that are swirled throughout the pint and finished off with a drizzle of caramel-butterscotch sauce. When all of these flavors come together, it can come off as a bit one-note. And that extra bit of caramel-butterscotch sauce makes this flavor super sweet, which isn't something that everyone is going to like.

You definitely won't find this flavor everywhere, so it's worth a try. On that note, we don't think it's an option you'll return to time and time again.

11. Skillet Cinnamon Roll

Calling all cinnamon roll lovers! We have something that you're going to love: the Skillet Cinnamon Roll ice cream from Jeni's. This is a great Jeni's ice cream flavor if you want to reach for a pint of what tastes like an early-morning breakfast treat. It also boasts that famous cream cheese ice cream, and we're definitely here for it. But then, it adds in cinnamon-scented brown sugar caramel and actual pastry flakes. These flakes are out of this world, and they offer the ice cream a texture you just won't find in any other brands out there.

Finally, they add in even more cinnamon to the mix. While we absolutely love cinnamon, we think that it goes a bit overboard here. As you know, cinnamon is an incredibly strong flavor, and when it's too present in a dish, it can overwhelm the other flavors. We would love to pick up more of the cream cheese taste here, but that's just not what you're going to get from this flavor.

However, if you go wild for anything even remotely resembling a cinnamon roll, this ice cream should be on your must-try list.

10. Lemon and Blueberries Parfait

When it's hot and humid outside, you may not want the heavy flavors you might choose at a different time of year. We all love a good chocolate ice cream, but sometimes it just seems like too much. That's when something like the Lemon and Blueberries Parfait comes into play. This ice cream is super light and refreshing, which isn't always something you expect from a creamy ice cream. This way, you don't have to go with an icy sorbet just because it's too hot outside for something like cookies and cream.

The lemon in this pint isn't as strong as the stuff you find in the Lemon Bar flavor, which we love. The "from-scratch" blueberry jam adds an amazing sweetness that's still not overbearing. And the creaminess of the cultured buttermilk brings it all together really well. That's why it's one of our top choices during the summer months.

When the weather starts getting a bit cooler, though, the ultra-light flavors of this ice cream are less appealing. Try it out on a nice, warm day, and it's sure to be a hit.

9. Raspberry Rose Jelly Donut

There's so much going on in this recipe, we don't even know where to start. The Raspberry Rose Donut is something that we haven't seen anywhere else. What other company would have thought to combine all these seemingly disparate flavors into one coherent finished product? First comes the vanilla custard. This custard is nice and thick, providing the perfect rich base for otherwise pretty light flavors. Then comes the donut flakes. Yes, you read that right: There are actually flakes of donut in this pint. These little bites are more substantial than what you may expect, and we couldn't get enough of them.

The majority of the flavor, though, comes from the raspberry-rose petal jam. The raspberry provides a hint of sugar along with some much-needed tartness to counter the pieces of donut, and the rose is lightly floral, meaning that it doesn't overtake the other flavors.

We think this idea is really creative. Is it for everybody? Definitely not. If you don't like floral flavors, then you're probably not going to like this one. But if you want something that's truly out of the ordinary, this flavor might just be a hit.

8. Texas Sheet Cake

You know how we mentioned before that some of the dairy-free flavors are actually really incredible? Well, one of those flavors we were referring to is the Texas Sheet Cake. This one is actually really similar to the Blackout Chocolate Cake flavor we mentioned above, but we think this one is way, way better. We suspect that it has something to do with the fact that this one doesn't include any dairy. While the Blackout Chocolate Cake was far too rich, you don't run into the same problem when it comes to the Texas Sheet Cake.

It also seems to be a bit sweeter than this other chocolate number. The fudge that's included for texture in this flavor is bittersweet instead of ultra-bitter, which makes it a lot more palatable. Don't get us wrong: We love some bitterness in our desserts. But with the Texas Sheet Cake, that bitterness is more balanced. While it's not the most interesting flavor of the bunch, chocolate lovers are definitely going to love this one.

Just because you don't consume dairy doesn't mean you have to be left with boring or flavorless ice cream.

7. Coffee with Cream and Sugar

It's the middle of the day, and you already know you want a pick-me-up to satisfy your afternoon cravings — and fight off that afternoon slump. You have two options: You can either get something sweet to suit your palate, or you can pour yourself yet another cup of coffee. If you can't decide between those two options, then you only have one choice: Pick yourself up a pint of the Coffee with Cream and Sugar flavor from Jeni's.

First of all, we love how this stuff looks. It has a creamy light brown color to it that's reminiscent of an iced latte. The flavor is also really great: It contains Intelligentsia coffee that's been "steeped in cream." Um, sign us up. And they're not just using coffee concentrate for this stuff: They actually brew and steep the coffee themselves, which makes this flavor taste like the real thing.

This grown-up flavor may just be the perfect way to indulge yourself on a busy afternoon.

6. Brandied Banana Brulee

Hear us out on this one: Banana-flavored anything is usually straight-up just not good. Artificial banana might be one of the worst flavors in the entire world, but even natural banana flavoring can be incredibly strong, sticking in the back of your throat and ruining the rest of your dessert. We don't have anything against bananas, per se, but they should stay far away from the vast majority of desserts.

That being said, we're going to make an exception for the Brandied Banana Brûlée from Jeni's. This is one of the most creative flavors the brand has come out with, and we are absolutely here for it. The banana custard is made with small-batch brandy (yes, there's real brandy in here). According to the Jeni's website, it's "​​made with real bananas, instead of a flavoring, because it's the only way to get that not too grassy, not too sweet, perfect banana flavor." We couldn't agree more.

The caramel sauce adds some sweetness to the ice cream, and it all comes together with the addition of the burnt sugar candies. It tastes like a mix between bananas foster and crème brûlée, which, if you ask us, is a magical combination. Give it a try.

5. Sweet Cream Biscuits and Peach Jam

Peach ice cream generally isn't one of the most popular flavors out there, and it's not hard to tell why. A lot of peach ice cream tastes artificial, and there often aren't even real peaches added in. Instead, it comes out a sickly orange color, and after a few bites, you'll usually just want to throw it away. But that's definitely not what you're going to get when you buy the Sweet Cream Biscuits and Peach Jam from Jeni's.

The peach jam is definitely what makes this flavor so appealing. It's nice and sweet, but not cloyingly sweet. In fact, it basically just tastes like a super fresh, ripe peach. The buttermilk ice cream pairs with this jam perfectly because they're such different textures. You've got some juiciness along with that creaminess, which is a match made in heaven. Add in actual pieces of crumbled biscuits, and it's clear why you should try this ice cream ASAP.

4. Salted Peanut Butter with Chocolate Flecks

Sometimes, you just can't mess with the classics, and that's certainly the case when it comes to one of the most iconic flavor pairings in the world: chocolate and peanut butter. That's especially true if the peanut butter is super salty — just how we like it. Perhaps the best example of this perfect flavor combo is the Reese's peanut butter cup, which itself is a magical dessert. Well if you love Reese's, then you're definitely in for a treat when it comes to the Salted Peanut Butter with Chocolate Flecks ice cream from Jeni's.

The salted and roasted ground peanuts are incredibly salty, but that works really well with the ultra-sweet base of this ice cream. The dark chocolate flecks add just the right amount of bitterness along with a lovely crunch that will keep you going back for more.

This may be one of the more classic flavors on the menu at Jeni's, but it's still not ordinary. With impeccable attention to detail, this is definitely going to be one of the best peanut butter and chocolate desserts you've ever had.

3. Cold Brew with Coconut Cream

And our favorite dairy-free flavor of them all? The Cold Brew with Coconut Cream! You wouldn't expect a coffee ice cream to be this refreshing, but this one really gets the job done. That's because it starts with Slingshot coffee that has a light, bright flavor to it. It's rich, yes, but it's not too strong for you to enjoy it on a cold day. Jeni's actually makes a cold brew sorbet with this coffee, which isn't something we've ever seen before. Who else would have thought to make a sorbet out of coffee?

But don't worry — this ice cream isn't going to have the iciness that you may expect from a sorbet. That's because it's also mixed in with coconut cream. This coconut cream is also really light, which keeps the whole dessert overwhelmingly refreshing. It has a slight coconut taste to it that really sets this flavor apart from the Coffee with Cream and Sugar flavor.

You'll find us spooning this Jeni's ice cream flavor up all summer long.

2. Brambleberry Crisp

Have you ever dreamt of a berry cobbler in ice cream form? We hope so because that's exactly what you're going to be getting with the Brambleberry Crisp. This ice cream is seriously out of this world, and we think that everyone who takes a trip to Jeni's should try it out. The jam that sweetens this flavor is made out of blackberries and blackcurrants. While this jam is sweet, the focus of the flavor is really on the tartness. That tart jam is mixed with simple vanilla ice cream. And since the jam is so flavorful, plain vanilla is really all you need here to make all your dessert dreams come true.

While Jeni's could have easily stopped there, they also added in bits of crunchy toasted oat streusel. This extra bit of texture seriously makes it feel like you're eating a serving of blueberry cobbler where the vanilla ice cream is the star of the show.

This flavor is amazing all year round, and we think it's versatile enough that just about everyone in your crew will love it. It really is a must-try option.

1. Goat Cheese with Red Cherries

Finally, we come to what we think has to be the most sophisticated Jeni's ice cream of them all. It's the Goat Cheese with Red Cherries ice cream, and it's seriously something special. After all, when was the last time that you had goat cheese in a serving of ice cream? Not surprisingly, adding cheese to your ice cream is never a bad thing because the base of this flavor blends a tart flavor and creamy texture perfectly. And don't worry about this one being too sweet: The bright red cherries are also tart, so they add an extra kick to the already-strong flavor.

Jeni's describes this ice cream as a "scoopable cherry cheesecake," and we couldn't agree more. In fact, it's so good that we almost couldn't believe it actually comes in a carton. If you're looking for something completely different and novel from your next ice cream-eating experience, the Goat Cheese with Red Cherries is definitely the way to go.