Crunch Roll: What You Should Know Before Ordering

If you love going to sushi restaurants, it's likely you have a few favorite go-to rolls that you always order. There are many different types of sushi you can choose from. Outside of Japan, the list of sushi rolls that are available is continually expanding and we're obsessed.

The crunch roll is one of the many fun and tasty advents that you might find on the menu at your local sushi place. Although most sushi rolls have seaweed and rice, the way they are made, what's included, and even if the rice is on the outside or inside can make each one unique, according to Roka Akor

Crunch rolls are considered similar to California rolls because they both have the same principle ingredients — crabmeat and avocado. Yet, the way it is rolled makes a difference. The rice is on the outside, so it's considered one of the many rolls that are referred to as inside-out rolls (via Izzy Cooking). But this roll got its name for the tempura flakes that are sprinkled on top (via Sushiworld), thus giving it that signature crunch. Roll on down to slide two to learn more. 

What ingredients do you need for a crunch roll?

Most sushi is made with fresh fish and eaten raw. Sushi is a way to enjoy the delicious flavor of fish without many distractions, such as sauces or veggies. However, rolls often include a variety of ingredients.

But if uncooked fish makes you squeamish, there are rolls where the seafood is cooked. The crunch roll is perfect for those who are apprehensive about eating raw fish because it includes shrimp, which is cooked. To give the roll a nice crunch, it has tempura shrimp. The shrimp is covered in a batter with Panko, a brand of bread crumbs, and then deep-fried for a delicious flavor, warmth, and crunchy texture. Like other rolls, it has rice and nori, also known as seaweed, crab meat, and avocado. Some restaurants may use cucumber, too. To finish off the roll, tempura flakes are sprinkled on top of it for a nice presentation and an additional crunch, according to sushi world. Yum! 

How do you make crunch rolls?

If you enjoy eating crunch rolls at your favorite sushi restaurant, you may have wondered if it's possible to make it at home. Rolling sushi does require plenty of practice and skill but if you want to attempt your hand at making it at home, it can be done. Finding ingredients can be tricky but many supermarkets usually have the basics, such as rice vinegar, sushi rice, seaweed wrappers, and even a bamboo mat for rolling.

One of the most important parts of making any sushi roll is having everything prepared in advance before you start assembling. You can slice the avocado and cucumber while the rice is cooking and also prepare the tempura shrimp. Once everything is ready, you can start with a piece of nori on top of your bamboo mat or plastic wrap. You'll want to place a flat layer of rice, then top with a piece of nori. Then, top the seaweed with thin slices of avocado, cucumber (if using), and tempura shrimp or crab meat. Now you can roll until it's not possible anymore and you should have a tightly wrapped roll. For step-by-step instructions with photos and an ingredient list, visit Izzy Cooking. You'll likely want to admire your creation and all that's left is to top it off with bread crumbs before snapping a photo of what you just made. Then dive in and enjoy your delicious homemade sushi!