These 2 Ben Affleck Films Are Some Of Ree Drummond's Favorites

Ree Drummond, popularly referred to as the Pioneer Woman, has so much going for her: a flourishing television career, a robust social media presence, a much-loved blog, and more. Per Eat This, Not That!, she's also a published author who has written a book for kids called "Little Ree." 

Additionally, what makes Drummond endearing is that she's easy to identify with and relatable. Here's an example: She stashes away her Nutella jar from her family members in a bid to preserve it, lest her loved ones polish it all off. And here's an interesting quirk: the Pioneer Woman absolutely cannot stand the taste of bananas and has stayed away from them ever since she was a kid. Her father and brother are just like her in this regard.

Drummond is also a fan of popular culture as much as the next person. In fact, she released an interesting list of some of her most beloved films. And guess what? She's really passionate about cinema. Drummond writes, "The movies on this list are, to me, truly great movies that I will drop everything to watch, and that I could watch over and over and over, time and time again, and never get burned out or bored." Of those films, two star Hollywood A-lister Ben Affleck. Which movies made Drummond's list?

Ree Drummond's favorite Ben Affleck films are some of his most popular

The Pioneer Woman mentions on her blog that there are two Ben Affleck movies in particular that have managed to capture her attention (and heart). The first one is called "The Town." See Drummond writes, "You feel like you're there, and this is one of those tricky movies where you sort of pull for the criminal...but only because he wants out of that life."

The next one is a classic. She calls "Good Will Hunting" one of her top favorite films and says, "[T]his one made me forever pull for Matt Damon and Ben Affleck—who were not just the actors in the movie, but also the writers of the screenplay." Fun fact: It took Drummond two long months to finish her list because she wanted to ensure that she was not skipping any important film. As she explains, movies like "Good Will Hunting" have impacted her in many ways thanks to three factors: a solid storyline, powerful acting, and incredible subject matter.