This Is Why French Press Coffee Tastes Different From Other Coffee

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Have you wondered why using a French press instantly elevates your coffee? Is there something about the way the beans are ground up and filtered that gives your average cup of joe that extra oomph? 

The answer to that question, is actually, yes. According to an article published by Lifehack, the magic behind the French press is that, instead of taking away the flavor of the coffee beans, it adds to it."Paper filters take out flavor and oils. When eating good foods, the flavor usually exists in the fats and oils..." per the outlet. "French press doesn't soak up flavor and adds tiny bits of coffee grounds in the coffee that percolates flavor."

In fact, this all has to do with the machine's capacity to steep instead of filter your drink, which strengthens the flavor of your coffee. Therefore, in comparison to pour-over coffee, which makes for a "lighter cup," French press coffee is stronger and bolder in flavor. However, this taste can also be adjusted to your own preferences, depending on the length of time you spend steeping your beverage.

Why you should invest in a French press

So, are you ready to upgrade your watery, less-than-average cup of coffee in the morning? Get out your French press and make note of the following. Some tips that Driftaway Coffee has for using your French press is weighing your coffee and water in order to get the perfect ratio, along with timing the brew, so you can get the right amount of flavor.

And, despite what you might think, a French press machine isn't too "steep" of an investment, depending on your budget. You can purchase a quality French press on Amazon for less than $30. An article by Food Network notes that owning a French press is beneficial even if you have a tight kitchen, as the machine isn't very big, and they don't even need electricity.

Not to mention, it'll save you a ton of money from those Starbucks runs and will allow you to customize your coffee to your own desired taste.