Here's How Much It Really Costs To Open An Einstein Bros. Bagels Franchise

Owning a bagel shop can be a lucrative business, but the cost of operating one can be quite pricey, especially if it's an Einstein Bros. Bagels location. According to Franchise Direct, the lowest initial investment to open a chain is still upwards of $500,000, with the highest price tag being $935,850.

The price for licensing an Einstein Bros. Bagels restaurant is not as steep, estimated to cost at most $620,250. However, you should still be prepared to pay at least $138,550 in this scenario. Licensing a restaurant also gives you no rights to the operations of the business, whereas franchising allows an owner underlying control of business practices, according to Internicola Law Firm.

Einstein Bros. Bagels is arguably one of the largest bagel chains out there, with more than 300 restaurants in 27 states, according to Small Business Trends. Opening one location would surely have its perks, but there is much more to consider besides the $35,000 franchise fee.

The hidden costs of opening a franchise restaurant

What contributes to the high cost of franchising or licensing an Einstein Bros. Bagels location? For both a franchising and licensing agreement, a person would still need to pay for construction costs, graphics, and real estate leasing on top of the base fee.

As stated before, having the Einstein Bros. Bagels name attached to your bagel shop has a variety of benefits, including credibility and brand recognition. According to Franchise Direct, the popular chain began franchising locations in 2006, 11 years after the business was started. Additionally, Restaurant Business Online estimates that Einstein Bros. Bagels made $426,000,000 worth in sales in 2020.

Whether or not owning an Einstein Bros. Bagel franchise is worth it, if anything, you can still make decadent bagels on your own, no shop necessary. Here is a recipe for a simple bagel you can make right at home.