These 2 Popular Brands Formed A Sweet Dream Team For National S'mores Day

When you're looking to have something that's utterly satisfying and irresistible, s'mores are an amazing treat filled with the goodness of sugar, chocolate, graham crackers, and marshmallows. According to Real Simple, this dessert has been around since 1927 and was often found around campfires when people got together to enjoy the sweet treat under the stars. While it's a great idea to stick to tradition and prepare this treat using an open fire, you can also use other methods such as grilling or popping the ingredients into a microwave for a delicious snack.

Also, s'mores are revered enough to have a day dedicated to them every year. National S'mores Day falls on August 10, and fans have something extraordinary to look forward to this time around. Per Delish, two major brands have come together to provide an extra special treat for fans of the dessert. Basically, Hershey's and Krispy Kreme have the ultimate delicious surprise in store.

Brace yourself for S'mores doughnuts

Do you like doughnuts as well as s'mores? According to Delish, there's something that you can now sink your sweet tooth in — S'mores doughnuts! The two brands have come up with new desserts for National S'mores Day. "We're teaming up with Hershey's, one of the key ingredients for any s'more, to give fans doughnuts that satisfy their marshmallow-graham-cracker-chocolate desires in an amazing new way," said Dave Skena, Chief Marketing Officer at Krispy Kreme, in a statement, per FoodSided

You get to pick from two options: a S'mores Fudge Cake doughnut and a S'mores Classic doughnut. What can you expect from these new desserts? Well, the S'mores Classic has yummy ingredients including, but not limited to, graham cracker crumbs, chocolate icing, and marshmallow Kreme. As for the fudge cake version, expect to bite into the chocolatey goodness of fudge, coupled with marshmallow icing and chocolate chips. Sounds delightful, right?